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The technology will help users retrieve results that are more accurate and natural, enhance the overall search and translation functionality, and positively impact agriculture, healthcare, education, and governance across India.

In addition, the Microsoft translator is equipped with True Text, a satellite DNN-based system that enhances the translation's contextual appropriateness by filtering out repetition, pauses, and indifferent words.

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Researchers at IST Austria and Harvard, Yale, and Stanford universities have developed a new computing framework that enables the analysis of the effects of crosstalk in social dilemmas or games.

Their work accounts for the quantitative evaluation of the effects of crosstalk on cooperation dynamics in a population.

The online version now has a button at the top labeled "Show Headlines." Scientists this week are meeting in Knoxville, TN, to view the initial designs for the A21, the first U.

S.-based exascale supercomputer, to be built by 2021 at Argonne National Laboratory, nearly two years earlier than planned.

The joint venture will provide BIGDATA projects with cloud credits, facilitating access to cloud-based storage and computing.

The BIGDATA program funds research in computer science, statistics, computational science, and mathematics designed to advance the frontiers of data science.

They ran several concurrent experiments, including a differential execution analysis to automatically detect and analyze anti-ad blockers that collected execution traces by visiting a website with and without ad blockers to measure the different in-browser experiences.

This revealed anti-ad blockers on 30 percent of the Alexa top 10,000 sites, marking a 52-percent increase over the most recently reported figures.

"We're committed to empower every Indian and every business in India by bringing the power of AI into their daily life and become a driving force for Digital India," says Microsoft's Sundar Srinivasan.

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