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Are you looking for dating a single man in Switzerland?

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To top it off, you've got to love a man in a kilt, and what's under it!

Chinese Indonesian I liken Chinese Indonesian men as the Jewish of Asia.

They love football, they drink a lot and they have terrible short tempers. I love their sense of humour (much like the English, only without the stiff upper, they delight in self-deprecating humour, and they are not arrogant at all.

They are also manly men, so don't expect some sensitive new age guy, but he will definitely be someone you can depend on.

Meet Swiss singles in your local area at Swiss, the Free Swiss Dating site.

Nature Trails, cheese, skiing, parties, whatever your passions are, Swiss friends date is the ultimate singles community for Swiss singles.Single men who complain about Swiss ladies, I think, are from other Western countries. However, once she accepts and trusts you totally, she loves you to the bottom of her heart.They don’t understand about how serious a Swiss woman is after she fells in love with a guy. They are beautiful and charming but they have their “own” attitude so men confront with tedious conversation.They admitted that they’d rather hang out with local male friends. If you have been living in another countries like America, Canada, then you may see big differences in here.You dont need to pay a penny at the Swiss dating site, its all free! Looking to meet singles in Zurich, Geneva, Basel, Lausanne, or any other Swiss city or town?


  1. This site is a free dating site deovoted to the idea that great dates start with great online chat.

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