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They’re all representative of times in my life, so I can’t imagine ever wanting to erase any time in my life. “On our visits to Amsterdam, I had befriended an amazing tattoo artist named Hank Schiffmacher.

source Penthouse January 2002 : Anthony Kiedis has 10 (visible) tattoos: 1. Hank, also known as Henky Penky*, was an icon of his country-an underground philosopher, artist, Hell’s Angel associate, booze hound, drug hound, girl hound, an absolute rapscallion of Dutch proportions.

Hank has been working on the massive cubic native-American Indian image on the vocalist’s back over a period of several years.

The earliest clear evidence for Anthony’s asterisk tattoo is from 1989 so I’m assuming the back tattoo was the next one to be started although it took many sessions for it to be completed.

We find deregulated Victoria displays high price dispersion with Standing Offer tariffs 10% above industry average total cost and marginal offers at break-even prices (i.e. In the semi-regulated Southeast Queensland market where a regulated price-cap exists, there is lower dispersion but marginal offers include a 6.7% retail mark-up.

Efficient pricing requires the marginal unit produced to be priced at marginal cost and Victoria meets this criteria – but we identify an episode of inter-consumer misallocation due to high Standing Offers.

The back tattoo was started sometime after Pinkpop in June 1988 (the video from that concert shows no tattoo) – probably immediately afterwards as Kiedis fitted in visiting to the tattooist while touring in the area.

“On that first trip to Holland (around the Pink Pop Festival dates in Finland), however, Kiedis was preparing to endure the fist pricks of the enormous cubic Indian totem image that would eventually engulf his back.

Over the years, Hank had injected much ink into my skin, and in the process, we’d become close.” It’s hard to date Anthony’s tattoos exactly; using photographs can be problematical as the issue date can be different to the time they were taken so unless it’s at recognisable event, photos are not necessarily the best source for dating and there is very little mention of Anthony’s tattoos in his interviews.

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