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The majority of the Filipino women are shy and reserved.

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There are grounds for annulment and unfortunately, in the country, infidelity is not one.

If you are from a working class going through annulment is not affordable.

If you want to court a Filipina woman, be prepared for the day of meeting her entire clan.

Yes, even if you are still courting her they will introduce you to the entire family if there are occasions and you happen to be there.

There will be curfews and you should bring her back home on the agreed time, otherwise, you will lose the trust of her parents and it’s the last thing you want.

However, dating in the Philippines has slowly changed over time.They are also taught how important it is to remain pure on her wedding day. In fact, unlike the Western countries, there is no divorce in the Philippines.For married couples who wish to end their marriage, there is annulment but the process is tough and expensive.She is trained to never leave herself alone with a man, so in most cases, you will finder her with a friend or relative to accompany her.Courtship with Filipina women is literally laborious.Girls from the Philippines are highly-regarded due to their being conservative and submissive in marriage.


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