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The first physician on the scene,a physician with the private medical service SOS Medecins, called the SAMU de Paris switchboard operator, which is the normal routine.

Personnel with Sapeurs-Pompiers, a military firefighting service run by the civil defense component of the French Ministry of the Interior, apparently arrived within seven minutes of the crash (), the first SAMU medical intensive care unit (MICU) arrived with its on board physician, probably an anesthesiologist but possibly an anesthesiologist-designated/trained general practitioner.

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Stanley Zydlo, MD, a prominent American emergency physician from Northern Illinois and pioneer in pre-hospital trauma systems dating to their origin in the late 1960s and early 1970s, said in an interview with a CBS reporter that When a patient has unstable vital signs (blood pressure, pulse, respirations) following multiple trauma, rapid transport to a surgeon in a hospital is imperative to find and stop the source of haemorrage, he said.

In Diana's case, the bleeding was from a torn pulmonary vein in her chest.

There apparently was no appreciation for the seriousness of her internal blunt injuries.

The SAMU team , the SAMU team contacted the SAMU de Paris medical dispatcher to request permission to take her to a hospital four miles away.

Failure of the SAMU organization to train SAMU physicians to suspect internal hemorrhage as a source of a patients hypotension [low blood pressure].4.

Failure of the SAMU physician to insert a chest tube to check for internal chest bleeding as a source of her low blood pressure.Several SAMU organization and practitioner causes facilitated Diana, Princess of Wales death:1.Administration of midazolam and fentanyl, which may have contributed to or even caused the cardiac arrest, given her internal injuries and perhaps state of (de)hydration after a boat cruise in the hot Mediterranean.Thus, by the time the SAMU medical dispatcher had finalized the decision for the SAMU ambulance to proceed to the hospital, Spencer had been at the scene ).The "golden hour" was used up, but she was still alive, attesting to the potential survivability of her injuries.The French SAMU physician said in a deposition that Diana, Princess of Wales was crying out.

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