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We had iron sights before, and were able to shoot proficiently enough, but nothing extravagant.

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I have had to send a broken scope back to Vortex before (my mistake, not theirs) and I have never had a more positive and helpful customer service experience before. The value of the Diamondback scopes cannot be beat.

I purchased this scope for a .308 savage bolt action rifle.

I have several other Vortex scopes, but this was my first Diamondback.

I was very impressed with the clarity of this 4-12x40 at full magnification.

I wish I had the resources to outfit each rifle I had with one of these. I purchased this scope for use at the range during load evaluation/development.

I wanted something with higher magnification than I typically use when hunting.

I needed a scope after the factory mounted one that came with my rifle broke after the first trip to the range.

Vortex was not a brand I was even aware of, I saw it the display case next to the Nikons (which what I had intended to purchase before walking in).

Look for all this and more in a riflescope you'd expect to cost quite a bit more-but doesn't. While the Diamondback might be on the lower end of Vortex's product lines, it is still better than many scopes that cost more. The folks at Vortex went above and beyond with their customer service.


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