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Does anyone have a Doctor they recommend in the Seattle area that supports what we are trying to do here? Unsure if I am using the correct dose in troche form Hi All, I am 29 and have suffered from painful periods, awful pms, along with cystic hormonal acne for as long as I can remember. Post Menopause, Have all female parts and want to know if I should include Estrogen I have been on a roller coaster ride with Drs and Hormones. I am 38 and have struggled with acne since the age of 16. Hi, I've been on Rx cream for 2.5 months now ( progesterone combined with testosterone) and have gained 8 lbs which is a lot considering I'm 5'2". Disagree with Doctor's Progesterone dosage recommendation I'm 50 years old and still menstruating monthly, if not more so. I have experienced a lot of stress with the death of both …I have been on Bio T Estrogen and Testosterone, and Bio Identical Progesterone, for about … I have had a nightmare of an experience with previous progesterone cream supplementation, … I am a bit concerened as I seem more emotionally down,anxious and distressed. Can progesterone cream help me after hysterectomy 17 years ago? I had the Cystic type of acne, which was very unsightly and terribly painful. My cycles had run about 26 days since I started using store bought progesterone cream … I am clueless and so desperate to regulate my period without Birth Control pills. progesterone helping si ligaments and hips after baby Hi wray! I am a 45 year old wife, mother of two teenage girls, part-time CPA.I have hypo thyroid (hasimotos too) and defective luteal. Biote pellets & Is it safe to take progesterone everyday? About two years ago I was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis. Birth Control Patch, Estrogen Dominance & Progesterone I am a 28 year old female who has been on the birth control patch (ortho Evra/Zulane) for 10 years.

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I am around 5 weeks pregnant and the gestational sack has been seen. Last try after 10 miscarriages in 4 years Aloha, I am a 44 yr old athletic, organic farmer with a 15 year old. Period after two weeks- do I start progesterone again?

After 4 years of ttc my partner and i are going to try to one last time. Raised blood pressure cause by Progesterone or Oestrogen dominance?? Hello I am on my second month of progesterone therapy and both months my period came early but the second time only after two weeks. questions relating to the GABA inducing qualities of progesterone and gene expression Hi, I am pleased to discover this website..

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Dear Wray, Please could you help me out with the use of progesterone cream as im a bit confused and not very confident about using it. Progesterone ruined my life-am I facing hysterectomy now? I will give a brief outline of what I feel the problems are then get to progesterone... Progesterone cream ruined my life and I can't find any answers I am a 34 year old female, who used natural Progesterone cream as a means to ease horrible endometriosis symptoms/estrogen dominance. So, my cardiologist got mad that I am on natural progesterone.... I had to see a cardiologist today because of premature ventricular contractions.

Hello Wray (I don't know if you still check this forum at all or not). I have thyroid problems, adrenal exhaustion and am estrogen …

What is the proper dosage after a complete hysterectomy/oophorhectomy HI There, I am 52 years old and had a complete hysterectomy 8 years ago (removal of both ovaries and uterus) due to severe endomitriosis. I have very low energy, no libido, and take bioidentical thyroid hormones … I've been back & forward to GP for a year now, initially with the concerns about fertility ( fell straight away with 1st … Why the docs right away test for friends are going through the same thing! Since I started puberty all my problems started Hello! Since then I started to suffer of severe allergies to pollen that even took me to the hospital for … When at age 46, I developed huge clotting and a friend told me "this is normal going into menopause", I just bought more pads! The bleeding stopped for 3 days not I have one dose left and I'm bleeding again!!! I just began progesterone therapy for estrogen dominance.

Early Breast Cancer survivor of Radiation and Lumpectomy t X. Trying to discern how long to stay on an elevated level of progesterone I am 62 years old and I have been on bioidentical hormone replacement for aprox. Never been well for years now at 75 have been diagnosed hypothyroid I would like to know if I could use progesterone cream whilst taking levothyroxine. breastfeeding, hormones, and post partum anxiety I really just have some questions.. My symptoms were fatigue, sluggish weight (I'm low carb and always had no problem staying … I have had severe fibrocystic breasts (soreness, lumps, swelling, etc.) for approx 6 years.

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