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Each petition is correctly referenced to the original records at the South Carolina Department of Archives and History. York County was formed in 1785 as a county of Camden District. The actual records for Lexington were largely destroyed in 1865, leaving the deeds from 1839 forward. Benet and the Jeff David Case," "Slaves and Masters-- The Slaves Experience in an Upcountry South Carolina District," "The Unusual Story of Mrs. (reprinted 2015) This compilation contains over three thousand names.

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Box 21766, Columbia, SC 29221 SC residents please add 8% sales tax. Holcomb Click here for information on back volumes of the South Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research.

Some grants were for land which had been surveyed in the colonial period but not granted until after the Revolution. These grants (over 2700 of them in this volume) were for land all over the state, but particularly in the newly opened areas which were later Pendleton and Greenville counties.

Mailing charge: $5.00 mailing for first book, $1.50 for each additional book to the same address.

Research and books concerning South Carolina's earliest colonial period, the proprietary period - 1670-1721.

Agnew was a native of Abbeville District, South Carolina. Data from deeds, probate records, death certificates, equity records, and family records were used to annotate the census return.

(1981 Reprinted 2013 by Genealogical Publishing Company). (including Allied Families and Genealogical Briefs of Drennan, Springs, Workman, Hanna, Harris, Thomasson, Mc Connell, Sturgis, Reid, Edwards, Dodds, Polk, Latham) by Max Perry. The Charleston Equity District included Colleton District until 1811 and there are items from other areas as well. It is the basic record of the county, containing lists of deeds proved, wills and administrations, jury lists, small court cases, etc. Soft cover, 470 pages, indexed, reprinted 2016 by Heritage Books. This volume contains abstracts of the will books for the period indicated, some of which include estates records as well. Besides the important marriage data, frequently there is other information included: age, place of nativity, residence, occupation. The Laurens County court minutes have been believed lost for many years. While some pages are missing, this book is a very important record. Beginning in 1877 marriage licenses were required for the city of Charleston. King has included the records for the white persons married in Charleston 1877-1895. His father, Enoch Agnew, moved his family to northeastern Mississippi in 1852. Samuel Agnew served the Bethany and Hopewell Associate Reformed Presbyterian churches. Some couples married by him were for African-Americans. He graduated from Erskine College and Erskine Theological Seminary. Soft cover, 6 x 9 size, 152 iv pages, originally published 1977. These notices are from newspapers of Laurens, Spartanburg, Newberry, and Lexington for the period stated. Published by the Lexington Genealogical Association, 1998. It contains abstracts of grants from the original series, not included in the copy series on microfilm.


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