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He has some bumps and bruises that are not high risk.” If the doctor told me that he had examined David and found some bumps and bruises that are not high risk, I think I would immediately ask her “so David is going to be all right?

” I would be worried until I heard that positive assurance.

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Is it acceptable to make the board evaluate all the reported control weaknesses to see if they add up to a conclusion that the risks are not effectively managed? If you were on the board or in top management and asked the auditor about the results of their audit of an important area, would you be satisfied with a list of their findings?

Or would you insist on their professional opinion of the adequacy of the controls in managing the risks?

He has produced over 180 refereed academic journal papers, proceedings, book chapters, conference presentations, and technical reports. Hamid’s research has been published in such journals as the Journal of Banking and Finance, Journal of Regional Science, Journal of Business Finance and Accounting, European Journal of Finance, Decision Sciences, International Trade Journal, Applied Economics, Quarterly Journal of Business and Economics, International Journal of Finance, Journal of Structural Engineering, Software Practice and Experience, Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics, IEEE proceedings, Natural Hazard Review and others.

He has also presented his research at numerous meetings including those of the Financial Management Association, American Economic Association, American Risk and Insurance Association, European Finance Association, Multinational Finance Society and many more. Hamid has received over $13 million in research grants.

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Department / Center: International Hurricane Research Center Building and Room Number: AHC5-244University / Organization: Florida International University Telephone Number: (305) 348-2727Email: [email protected] site:

As the Principal Investigator and project manager for over a decade he assembled and led a multi-disciplinary team of over two dozen current and past professors and experts and about seventy students in finance and economics, engineering, meteorology, computer science, actuary, geoscience, statistics from FIU, UF, FSU, UM, FIT, Notre Dame, NOAA, NIST etc., in the project to develop, upgrade, and operate the Florida Public Hurricane Loss Model.

The model has been used extensively by the state of Florida and by insurance firms.

The image of the board is different from that of a helpless young infant.

The board is a collection of mature individuals with extensive life experiences.

Yet they have oversight responsibilities regarding the management of risks and the provision of internal controls.

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