Dating my remington 1100 scott hoying and mitch grassi dating

The gunsmiths at the very good local shop I took it to yesterday said they had never seen such a nice 1100 which may be saying absolutely nothing from a monetary standpoint but we all like to own beautiful and good shooting guns.

However, in my case it seems that my 1100 was highly customized and while the reciever has an extraordinarily low serial number, the barrel was replaced with a newer one many years later. My knowledge of weapons are limited as i come from Singapore and there are very strict laws abt weapons here.

Also confounding my identification is that it appears that a customized (albeit beautiful) stock was added to mine so all in all my particular 1100 does not fall into any of the neat buckets described in the 1100 history article here on the RSA site. I hope to learn and find out what else I can about my remington 1100. Sorry I was a little short on time yesterday and could not go looking for the information I had referenced on manufacturing dates and history.

It sounds to me as if you dated it correctly and that someone did an aftermarket engraving job and some other work to your gun.

As other forum members has said in the past, you cannot always go by the barrel markings, because barrels can be interchanged.

for 2 3/4 or shorter shells" and in smaller letters there is a stamping that says "FULL" which I assume to be the choke.

I am not sure what else to tell you folks that might help identily this shotgun.There are some confounding bits of information that that seem to contradict all of the descriptions I found so far.Any help and insight you can provide would be greatly appreciated.First, this Model 1100 has an engraved receiver inlaid with gold but it is not in a hunting scene as described for "1 of 3000" models or "Ducks Unlimited" models. The stock is walnut and the checkering is hand cut.The wood looks better than average and there is what looks like a rosewood cap on the grip.I have a remington 1100 tournament skeet which i bought a year ago.


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