Dating my remington 1100 trisha cardoso dating

for 2 3/4 or shorter shells" and in smaller letters there is a stamping that says "FULL" which I assume to be the choke.

I am not sure what else to tell you folks that might help identily this shotgun.

Low serial numbers has no bearing on that particular guns value - because some of the earlier models had problems that was fixed in later versions.

Model 1100's are collected by trap / wingshooters that uses them for competition purposes and also hunters that uses them for everyday use.

So...thanks again for your response and of course I am open to anyone else's thoughts if they have anything to add.

Cheers, Doug Hi all, Im not askin for value but i want to know how old my gun is...

The butt pad is perhaps not original and is fairly thick and vented and labeled "Pachmayr Gun Works, Los Angeles Calif." The left side of the barrel is stamped with a sideways "V" then "OY" followed by an "H" which sits a little higher and out of line from the "OY." So the barrel marking looks something like " OY H" I made the assumption that this meant the barrel was manufactured in July 1974 based on the manufacturing date information here on the web site but I am not sure.

I have no idea how old the gun is and it came into my possession around 1990.

However, in my case it seems that my 1100 was highly customized and while the reciever has an extraordinarily low serial number, the barrel was replaced with a newer one many years later. My knowledge of weapons are limited as i come from Singapore and there are very strict laws abt weapons here.

Also confounding my identification is that it appears that a customized (albeit beautiful) stock was added to mine so all in all my particular 1100 does not fall into any of the neat buckets described in the 1100 history article here on the RSA site. I hope to learn and find out what else I can about my remington 1100. Sorry I was a little short on time yesterday and could not go looking for the information I had referenced on manufacturing dates and history.

More importantly I was trying to make heads or tails of a gun that I did not know the pedigree of and that had some very conflicting characteristics.

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