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is the result of a journey into the world of child sexual abuse.

It focuses on the crisis in South Africa, a country dealing with an epidemic of child sexual abuse, but it is not exclusively for South Africans.

We tweeted yesterday about the Sunday Times‘ article about ANC Minister Tokyo Sexwale‘s upcoming divorce settlement. Although it’s not completely out of your reach, with tomorrow and Wednesday’s Megamillions and Powerball lotteries BOTH sitting on over a billion Rand.

It should be interesting, with R1.9 billion in assets to play with. I mean I new he was worth a couple billion, but was not aware that he had ALL the toys, including a yacht, a R100 million Learjet and an island worth about R700 million. Here is the jet he bought for his wife (source: My His marriage is coming to an end after 20 magical years, during which time they also acquired a R60 million game lodge, a wine farm in Franschhoek worth R20 million, a wine estate in Durbanville worth R113 million.

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I cannot begin to imagine the weight my disclosure must have had on them - the grief and the rage; furious at themselves for failing to protect me, enraged at the man for doing this to me, and infuriated at the world for allowing this to happen to their young daughter.

The molestation could not have lasted more than a couple of minutes, but the incident affected my life in ways that are difficult to articulate.

Painful knowledge"That’s when I found out what killed my parents: they both died from HIV-related diseases.

I could not understand it because I had never had sex.

Through photographs, journals, artwork and testimonies from the abused and abusers, it offers a glimpse into a world of utter depravity, of absolute horror, but of incredible resilience, too, as young survivors struggle to rebuild their lives.


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