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But he said he loved the way I ‘thought’ and could we still remain lovers in secret”?Unfortunately, women are not viewed as trophy objects in romantic relationships alone. A woman has the responsibility to do as her family wants or she will be deemed a disgrace and disowned.The girl however, faces an entirely different scenario.

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Now what kind of man would allow himself to be taken advantage of in this manner? Peter Barigye (not real name) works at a prestigious accountancy firm. “This girlfriend of mine thinks I’m stupid, but I’m biding my time”, he assured me. After about six months, it eventually dawned on him that in her eyes, he was ‘just a friend’.

“One night I spent 200,000 shillings on her and her friends and she gratefully told me that now she knows how much ‘I love her’. I’m going to leave her in the house to take care of the children and enjoy my other women. “I came home in the evening, and it was raining”, she recalled, still visibly shocked by what she found.

Despite her mother’s pleas, her father, who ironically enough is a pastor, threw her out of the house.

She lived for a year and a half on the charity of friends and her child frequently fell ill because she could not afford to give it the nutrition it needed.

Prossy, a very skinny and plain looking girl from Northern Uganda, had been dating a lawyer for three years, but had always wondered why she never met his family or his friends.

She always felt like she was being kept in the closet.

One cannot talk about the bad habits of Ugandan men without taking into account the fact that they seem to think the bodies of all women are there to fondle as they please.

This is in reference to taxi drivers, conductors, market vendors and a few fools in the corporate structure.

First of all, a man is not Ugandan until he has spent a good portion of his life spending money on women. “My roommate is very beautiful and boys are always taking her out”, she explained. This leads us to another disgusting trait of Ugandan men.


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