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The church, which was designed by celebrated architect Richard M.Upjohn, appeared to have been completely gutted by the blaze, though fortunately FDNY officials do not believe anyone was inside at the time More than 170 firefighters were dispatched to deal with the blaze, the FDNY said.From my perspective, I thought I was meeting a genuinely nice guy with whom maybe I could pursue a relationship with (sic). Then he laid (sic) down on the bed next to me and after a few moments proceeded to make some advances, ones that I, as an Orthodox Christian, did not want, nor did I see, coming…

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Unlike other areas of the Orthodox Christian heritage, however, the sex lives of the faithful are much more difficult to rediscover or even reinvent.

It seems easy enough to organize a seminar on liturgical, historical, or canonical topics, but few scholars appear willing to address the topic of “approved” sex techniques.

Some sections of this article contain very graphic language and reader discretion is strongly advised.] Arguably one of the most difficult topics to approach within the framework of modern Russian Orthodoxy2 is that of marital sex.

Attitudes appear to be much more pronounced with respect to premarital sex: just don’t do it.

As people mature and get married, venues for talking about sex and Orthodoxy become virtually non-existent.

Some couples may discover that sex is not allowed during Lent; others may not realize this for many years until they accidentally stumble upon this information.

Perhaps an interesting illustration of the thought process of a typical modern young Orthodox person dealing with issues of premarital sex can be found in an essay by Laryssa Grinenko titled “Trials of Dating in College”4: … In the first couple weeks of school, I met a guy that I really enjoyed spending time with.

In college, guys are not just content with a completely platonic relationship. Not just vaginal sex, but other forms of stimulation are expected. Almost every night we hung out, did something around campus, or just sat and talked.

As will be discussed below, the general attitude of the Church seems to follow close to the “ideal” once infamously vocalized by a respectable Soviet woman: “There is no sex in the USSR.”11 Most priests are not likely to mention sex in their sermons even before Great Lent, and they would think twice before asking people about the details of their sex lives during confession. S., where societal attitudes toward sex have been much more relaxed for decades, asking a young man or a young woman questions that are too specific may get the curious confessor in trouble.

A survey of collections of letters to spiritual children by various elders also reveals an absence of any meaningful discussion of marital sex.

One of the calendar's organisers told The Huffington Post that the snaps don't feature any actual priests.


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  7. For this reason, the eastern churches were sometimes identified as "Greek" (in contrast to the "Roman" or "Latin" church, which used a Latin translation of the Bible), even before the great schism.

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