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You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.[2018 Update] The IRS has announced that it cannot finalize processing of tax refunds before mid-February for taxpayers who claimed the EITC/ACTC, per the PATH Act.Tagged: automatic filename, browser forms, browser-enabled, infopath, moss, sharepoint.

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I really dislike this feature, because users have no concept of proper naming convention for the most part, and there’s no way to guarantee they create a unique or meaningful filename. I prefer for the user to just click a button that saves the file to Share Point with a dynamically-defined filename, closes the form, and takes the user back to the forms library.

Ok, so how do we do ensure these few things: Create a Submit data connection that uses the str Filename field for dynamically creating the filename Create a SUBMIT data connection in your form template that connects to the Form Library where the form resides.

If your form is not browser-enabled, use the Open and Save menu in Form Options to uncheck Save and Save As.

Fig 3 – Disabling toolbar functions for Browser-Enabled Forms Create the custom Submit button Drag a button control to your canvas and double-click it to get to its properties.

Change the display name to “Submit” or whatever you prefer, then click Rules.

You want to add two rules, each with one condition (Fig 4).

Your WMR status (see the end of the article for details) will indicate “processing” until then or will be updated if additional non-PATH related information is needed.

Scroll down to see comments and tips from other readers based on the current and past tax year when the PATH act was enacted.

Click New to create a new form (Fig 7) field has been populated with the same info you saw for the filename in the library (Fig 9).

This field is actually populated FIRST when you submit, because it forms the basis for the filename in the Submit data connection.

– I see this topic come up a LOT on forums all over the place, so instead of continuing to answer the question time and time again, I am going to post a quick blog entry showing the steps.


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