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Remember that you must bring the original credit card to collect the tickets.

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But it’s perfect when you want to give a lot of details but don’t want to type it all (in text email) out or get caught up in a long conversation (on a phone call).

If a train ticket website tries to charge you a booking fee, you're in the wrong place.

Have you ever spent 10 minutes or more reworking an email? The Dude and I were considering buying a house with a friend (it didn’t work out because of life uncertainties on our end), and I needed to communicate lots of involved thoughts and perspectives. My emails began requiring much less time and were more solidly and sensitively communicated. But the crowning perk was something I never expected: Since then I’ve sent email voice messages to a lot of people for many things; to send elaborate travel options/explanations to a friend (that would have taken me FOREVER to type), to explain complicated instructions, and to send friendlier thinking-of-yous and more personal thank yous for small gestures.

Maybe you were trying to explain something in detail or wanted to make sure your tone had a good-as-possible chance at coming across as intended? Being 12 hours apart made it challenging to Skype, and I quickly discovered that email was not a great vehicle for communicating subtleties. I’ve had several of these people ask me how I did it, so I thought I’d share it with you. I imagine if you are reading this post, you have enough command of your computer to execute #2.

If you end up using it a lot I’d suggest the paid version (since it omits a step and supports the developer), otherwise the Lite version should serve you just fine. but wanted to show you the free version since you’ll likely begin with that.) Here’s a 2-minute screencast on how to use e Xtra Voice Recorder Lite to create a voice recording: Send Your Voice Recording as an Email attachment. From your mobile device or paid version of e Xtra Voice Recorder, you can share by email directly from the app; if you’ve recorded an mp3, just create a new email and attach the mp3.

I wouldn’t use voice emails to send information that needs to be searchable or referred back to in the future.

Train fares have a reputation for being complicated, but the Quick guide to the 3 types of train ticket on this page will make it simple.

If you book a cheap 'no refunds, limited changes' ticket in advance you can find some great fares, for example: 1.

Further, a few matters at hand (like money) called for a degree of sensitivity that is better conveyed with a degree of non-verbals. I began recording messages (sometimes looooong ones) when I wanted to discuss more involved things or wanted to make sure I was delivering my message with the intended emotion. What might be slightly less obvious is how to create the voice recording. I’m a Mac user, so my detailed instructions here are for people using a Mac product, whether a desktop, laptop, i Pad, or i Phone.

Things were communicated clearly, easily, and efficiently.

But they work together as National Rail, with co-ordinated fares, ticketing & information.

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