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Offline dating agencies or online purchased tickets for speed dating or similar events are not included.

The problem that many people face in their lives that keeps them from improving and growing is that there’s a disconnect between the truth, and their perception of the truth.

Yet so many still complain that life isn’t fair (which is true) and they focus purely on the things they can’t control while completely neglecting the things that they can. You can control your emotions and more importantly how you react to those emotions. I have, however, met many more humans who complain and envy and wish, and after all of their complaining and comparing, they fail to work hard.

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The “User” box shows the number of active paying customers (or accounts) of the selected market (market segment, region) in millions for each year.

The “Penetration Rate” box shows the share of active paying customers (or accounts) from the total population of the selected market (market segment, region) for each year.

The “Revenue” box shows the forecasted revenue development of the selected market (market segment, region) in million US dollars for each year.

The “Revenue Growth” box shows the year-over-year revenue development of the selected market (market segment, region) in percentage terms.

The “Matchmaking” market segment contains dating services for the systematic search for partners who are willing to enter into a long-term committed relationship by means of mathematical algorithms.

The market segment of “Online Dating” is made up of online services that offer a platform on which its members can flirt, chat or fall in love.

West Germany was free to be free in the capitalistic system as Eat Germany was stuck in communism, “the system of the people”. One was filled with opportunity and growth from the lowest to the highest, in the other system you were relegated to remain a peasant if that’s where you were born.

We, as a planet and the people in it, are becoming more free.

We are becoming weak and envious sissies who don’t want to work because we feel that the system is set to make us fail.

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