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The Rolling Stones have continued to record and tour with Darryl Jones on bass.

On 24 October 2012, the Stones announced that Wyman and Mick Taylor were expected to join them on stage at the upcoming shows in London (25 and 29 November) and Newark (13 and 15 December).

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In Stone Alone, Wyman claims to have composed the riff of "Jumpin' Jack Flash" with Brian Jones and drummer Charlie Watts.

Wyman mentions that "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" was released as a single only after a 3–2 vote within the band: Wyman, Watts and Jones voted for, Jagger and Keith Richards against, feeling it not sufficiently commercial.

The producers' feedback was highly positive, but they soon ran out of money and had to scrap the project.

The demo tape was apparently lost, but on an audio CD included with Bill Wyman's Scrapbook in 2013, he says that "somebody out there must have heard it because four months later – in the June of that year – Doctor and the Medics appeared with the release of their version of that song which eventually went to number one for three weeks. Still, such is life." Wyman was close to Brian Jones; he and Jones usually shared rooms together while they were on tour and often went to clubs together.

Bill Wyman (born William George Perks Jr., 24 October 1936) is an English musician, record producer, songwriter and singer.

He was the bass guitarist for the English rock and roll band the Rolling Stones from 1962 until 1993.

Since 1997, he has recorded and toured with his own band, Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings.

He has worked producing records and films, and has scored music for film in movies and television.

He became an amateur archaeologist and enjoys metal detecting; The Times published a letter about his hobby.

He designed and marketed a patented "Bill Wyman signature metal detector", which he has used to find relics in the English countryside dating back to the era of the Roman Empire.

In 1985, he was approached by producers working on a movie based on the Vietnam War, who asked him to provide the theme tune.


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