20 ideas for dating your wife

When I was pregnant with Scarlett I posted our ultrasound picture on facebook and am now realizing how boring that was, there are so many cool, and quirky ideas out there.

Your username should tell people something about you.

Let it be one more way of differentiating yourself from the pack.

The hardest part will be deciding which ideas you want to pull off for your family this year!

When you’re online dating, the first thing you see after the person’s photo is their username.

We want your planning to be super simple during the sometimes crazy holiday season. We have broken it down into categories so that you can quickly find the ideas that you think will work best for your family.

You are now more than prepped for this holiday season!

A person named Jim is going to have a different impression of you than someone named Wolfgang.

While we don’t usually get a chance to choose our given name, we can choose our dating username, and that can give us a head start on meeting someone special.

T-shirt Sports Fan Reveal My girlfriend Roxy came up with this idea and I created graphic for the t-shirt. Just buy a chalkboard from Amazon like this one for 24$ or this one that can stick to the wall for 25$ or make a chalkboard out of an old picture frame using Chalkboard paint which is awesome to have around once you have kids anyways! You can use liquid chalk paint that will come off afterward. Pregnancy Reveal to Parents/Grandparents You can purchase this wine label at Ten Twelve Designs from Etsy for .

here is a link to their maternity shirts, many of them are hilarious! Chalkboard Life List I think this would be easy to create! Birthday on Shoes This picture was taken by Mae Small Photography, I love the idea of everyone’s birthdates being written on the shoes and the fact that you can only see the bottom of the baby shoes so they are not gender specific.

And, because sometimes men have an attention span of a goldfish, you gotta catch their attention right off the bat.


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