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Unfortunately, these are the ones that the young earth creationist will single out and attack, because of their assumptions that the techniques are perfect.

We know the limitations of Carbon-14..course, this doesn't prevent the author from doing a little mud-slinging at the old earth geologist!

The next section is Other Radiometric Dating Methods.

What we have to decide this issue is the evidence from God's creation, and not our assumptions.

Job 12:8 says "speak to the earth, and it will teach thee." Secular and Christian scientists, outside of a religious framework, have examined God's creation, and it says, "I'm 13.7 billion years old." Nowhere in the Bible does it state that the days of creation are 24-hour days.

Some may be discrepancies…some may just need a bit further explanation.

If there are possible discrepancies, how can I accept these dates as reliable?

He assumes the coal beds were all laid down during the Flood, but I have already disproved that theory .

In his conclusion, he states "It (Carbon-14) does not give dates of millions of years." Correct, and there isn't a geologist out there who would claim Carbon-14 to establish a date of millions of years.

Additional Details By default this filter assumes the amount you pass in is in days.

You can also pass in other intervals as a second parameter like: This would subtract 12 hours from the current date/time. The example above uses a portion of the input from the calendar items lava file.

Are there scientists out there that will swear up and down that their dates are completely accurate?


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