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Every interaction begins with you providing the girl with instant validation of her looks, which in and of itself is not a good beginning.

Then 99% of the time, you have to send messages first and show direct interest, further weakening your hand.

I even had one girl who, while we’re having chicken and beer, laughingly told me that the only reason she meets up with guys from Tinder is to get some free food and drinks out of the deal.

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I’ve been on 5 different Tinder dates in Korea and every one of them was absolutely horrid.

These girls were the absolute dregs of this country, and of course looked much different in person than their pictures online.

Also, many of my friends use apps like Tinder and OKCupid to hook up with others.” Auxtron: “I agree about the slut-shaming culture, that is very strong here, for some girls the sex is taboo and they don’t talk a lot.

This is why at the first look with can think casual sex is not popular .

Since it’s so difficult to get to the truth, we headed to the internet, where local Singaporeans tend to share more openly under the veil of anonymity and user names. Loposkj: “How often do Singaporeans engage in casual sex and is it even a popular thing in Singapore or is it frowned upon?

” Read on to find out what answers our fellow countrymen shared. Fosteredfriend: “Casual sex occurs extremely often but ironically, we have a slut-shaming culture as well.

And sexy time thereafter 😉 I’m aware that Americans seem to have this notion that is is hard or even impossible to have sex while living with your parents.

That’s kinda the norm here.” (Related: 17 Surprising Places Singaporeans Are Having Sex) How About "Friends With Benefits"? Some of my friends are ok with hooking up after a few casual dates, but not a once-off sex kind of thing.

Some of my different friends have had one or two successful hookups from the app, and it’s definitely possible.


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