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Atlanta Track Club's Kilometer Kids is a free, game oriented running program designed to get kids ages 14 and under active!

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By providing finishers with a percentage value score, age grading levels the playing field and allows individuals to be scored against each other more fairly.

This age graded percentage score not only enables you to compare performances across different ages and sexes, but also allows you to track your performances over time, identify your best events, and set goals for future races.

Age grading is a process used to compare race performances across different ages and genders.

Age grading is calculated by using data tables produced by the World Association of Veteran Athletics to measure the fraction of your race time that is equivalent to the predicted all-time best for your age and sex.

See how a neophyte who's never held office became one of the most talked-about politicians of 2017.

Republican candidate Karen Handel and Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff exchange words moments before Georgia's 6th Congressional District special election debate at WSB-TV studios in Atlanta, Georgia, U.

Results are made official approximately two weeks after the event, after all inquires have been processed.

Your timing device for this event is the Chronotrack single use B-tag.

With a start/finish line conveniently located in Piedmont park, this event is easy to access.


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