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I mean it was insane – we had many cameras installed and recording, yet we couldn’t catch all the action that was going on in there.All you could see was tits, tits, dick, tits, ass, cock, pussy, dick, cum, dick, pussy, ass..of them in a crazy frenzy of a holiday gang bang.This episode begins once again with Tony being late, but unlike other times, it was him coming with a girl!

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Soon enough we found a young guy standing on a street, waiting for a cab. After everybody’s cock were hard and all the pussies got wet and horny a true fuck fest took place.

I bet you have never seen so much cock riding, pussy fucking and cum licking in one van before.

She proved to be one of the most extremely horny, cock-hungry and passionate girls that we had in the van.

Boy, watch her take care of that cock for yourself, that girl is crazy!

She warms up fast enough and soon big cock is ramming inside her warm and wet cunt.

It’s a pity he wasn’t the first one to fuck her tonight, but it doesn’t stop him from plunging inside her cunt like its the end of times.

A true Christmas the Takevan team sets up a trap with a vision of winning 100K. Obviously not the young, hot, ginger chick walking into the mall.

She’s properly excited about the chance of getting some Christmas money and doesn’t find the conditions strange.

The takevan team is trying to play good Samaritans when a ginger headed hot chick loses her glasses and can’t find her way to the train station.

Of course the ride isn’t for free and there is some boob showing and touching, because the girl is half blind and needs to touch everything. Although ginger head seems to be rather frigid in the sex department, the crew doesn’t let that discourage them and soon Tony is giving her the ride of her life, filling her with his huge cock.

We met a blonde with glasses on her way to her aunts house.

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