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(But I definitely want to loop back to the reading! Kerri: I also try to write in the morning—but once my daughter is in school, at about 9am. The beauty of reading and editing short stories is you can accomplish things within shorter blocks of time. Diana: So I pick up YARN work like knitting, actually. Kerri: Yes, I love seeing that in poetry—there is often in those subs. Diana: Issue-y trends I see in fiction have to do with date rape or dealing with confusing sexual encounters. For instance, do you feel like the grief stories might be part of a fervor.

Diana: So we’re all writers and parents and editors—and jugglers … Kerri: So Kip, since you’re the latest YARN Editor, how you finding the juggling between writing and editing? I find I can do some editing work while my kid is around. Kip: Maybe body issues or religious issues or race or suicide. Kerri: Diana, since you’ve been reading fiction submissions for a few years now, do you feel like they are following trends in YA publishing at large?

For nonfiction submissions, I would love to see more narratives of teen experiences. What kinds of essays are you seeing come in through submissions these days, Kerri? I wish I had another few hours in the day, but I make sure to read at least an hour a day. He can pick up a book he’s already read, get halfway through and think, .

Memoirs and explorations of difference and diversity would be such rich ground for essays. Kip: Maybe we should pull together a kind of #MSWL, which is a useful tool for querying writers: MS = manuscript WL = wishlist. ) To answer your question, though: Essay submissions in general tend to deal with problems with parents or thwarted romantic relationships. That thing all writers and editors should be doing. Kerri: If I could change one thing about myself, it wouldn’t be my hips or nose, it would be making me a faster reader.

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Entre setembro e janeiro de 2010, houve um crescimento da popularidade do site por razões desconhecidas.

I also look for diverse books for my girls to read, and it’s starting to get easier, so hopefully this will become the new normal. As a writer you can feel powerless, but as an editor you get to be a kind of gatekeeper, so to speak, and you realize what it means to let certain voices be heard—or not. Diana: It’s a responsibility I take very seriously. Actually, one of my campaigns on YARN from the start was to change young readers’ notions of what an essay is—so many young people hear the word . Kerri: I hate sending rejections and often put off doing it.

Diana: And you know, as editors, we are in a great position to introduce new voices into the publishing world. But we’ve published some really great, meaty essays at YARN. Diana: That always surprises me about you, Kerri, since you’ve made a career in the word business. Slow is good, I think, especially in the era of e-readers and blog posts—I feel like words are flying by me at a mile a minute and I often have to force myself to slow down. I do tend to retain better than my husband, who is super fast. Diana: That’s another reason I love editing work at YARN.

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YARN, the Young Adult Review Network is thrilled to be celebrating its fifth anniversary this year. So, for instance, I am an early bird, so I reserve very early morning for my own writing. But later in the day, I find I still want to be in the writing world, and so editing, or reading submissions, is perfect for nighttime. Kerri: (Hehe, YARN work is like knitting.) Kip: Yes! It’s really nice, actually, to read submissions in between tending to kids. Kerri: It’s funny, because when YARN launched, it was at the height of the craze, but we actually didn’t see many paranormal subs.

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