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In a commercial for Anheuser-Busch’s Shock Top brand, comic T. Miller trades barbs at a bar with a smart-aleck talking beer tap.

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This ad aired from a group of health care companies including Astra Zeneca.

This year’s advertisers not only spent big bucks producing commercials.

), so here's a full list of all of the ads running during Sunday night's big game.

Squarespace: The company is running a 30-second Super Bowl commercial featuring Keanu Reeves, who in 2015, launched his own motorcycle company, Arch Motorcycle, using the platform.

It was unclear at the time how much of that footage would be included in the show’s second season.

Many non-football fans watch the annual NFL championship for the commercials—well, and the performers (this year we have Justin Timberlake and Pink!

They also lavished a record million on 30 seconds of air time — up from about .4 million a year ago — to put their messages on the CBS broadcast.

While a good number of 2015's ads were on the somber side, for Super Bowl 2016, humor reigned supreme.

In recent ads, the brewer wooed viewers with heart-tugging ads featuring its Clydesdale horses and an adorable dog.

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