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It was never going to be fair to make them move, because I couldn’t provide all that for them.’Philip worked for a digital media company in Surrey, so Angie had agreed to relocate to be near his job - 60 miles away from her family.

As Philip didn’t own a house, they rented a modest two-bedroom flat, quite a contrast to the life she had led, but Angie insists she didn’t hesitate. She explains: ‘Gradually, I increased the time I was away.

I was flattered and, being young and selfish, I didn’t give much thought to the fact he was already married.

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She was 24 and working at a West End casino when she met husband-to-be Michael, then 31, who was her boss at the time.

She explains: ‘I was pursued by Michael, who was charming.

With regard to real-life pairings, tabloids and the mainstream media have focused on wealthy or popular celebrity couples, and have titled them supercouples or power couples.

Examples are the former pairing of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez (which became known by the portmanteau "Bennifer"), Supercouples are defined as popular or financially wealthy pairings that are widely admired in an intense or obsessive fashion and influence society's expectations of what a great love story or relationship should be; they may or may not be romantic or high-profile, This paradigm subsequently became ideal of fictional soap opera supercouples in America, and extended to other genres.

But I made sure I saw the boys and Mum every weekend, with phone calls, texts and emails in-between.‘If there were any tears, they were all mine.

I felt so guilty at leaving that I would often rise at 6am to drive the one hour 15 minute journey back to the family house just to take the boys to school.

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But within 24 hours, Philip had responded: ‘My God, a blast from the past! ’Angie explains: ‘I was with Philip when the accident happened.


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  2. [Read: Learn how to talk about past relationships the right way] #2 Specific marriage plans.

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