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It was never going to be fair to make them move, because I couldn’t provide all that for them.’Philip worked for a digital media company in Surrey, so Angie had agreed to relocate to be near his job - 60 miles away from her family.As Philip didn’t own a house, they rented a modest two-bedroom flat, quite a contrast to the life she had led, but Angie insists she didn’t hesitate. She explains: ‘Gradually, I increased the time I was away.Persopo's goal is to provide easy online access to public record information in a fast, safe, and affordable manner.

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Out of the blue, he asked if I was seeing somebody.

Conscious of being overheard, I told him we could talk later.’Again, she defends her actions: ‘The boys had grown up in a lovely big house, went to great local schools and had all their friends nearby.

But for all my material possessions, I wasn’t really happy.

Over time, my marriage to Michael cooled and the passion waned.

Some days I’d drive back again to pick them up.’And as for Edward, now 15, and Oliver, 12, Angie claims their relationship is stronger than ever: ‘Despite what people may think, my sons have adapted quickly.

Their father has moved on and is in another relationship and he and I get on well for the sake of the children.

Happy together: The mother-of-two is now married to Philip, with whom she first shared a five-month fling in 1985 when Angie was 18.

Philip, then 28, was the boss at a West End Casino where Angie was a croupier But six months later, when a mutual friend mentioned he’d spotted Philip, Angie sent him a message online.

She was 24 and working at a West End casino when she met husband-to-be Michael, then 31, who was her boss at the time.

She explains: ‘I was pursued by Michael, who was charming.

Angie Bishop lived in an imposing seven-bedroom country home, with every room decorated in the latest style.


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