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And I doubt that he's all that rich; he gives alot of his salary away to charities, etc. The analyst wrote that it showed that their relationship was over. She was submissive in the relationship and it won't end well.

I think I read that he gave his entire salary of some movie away to the workers on the set or some shit. They had a huge argument at a restaurant in Venice, when she refused to have an abortion. His back was to her completely ignoring her and her needs... I happened to have seen that photo which was part of a series of frenzied photographs produced by the paparazzi.

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Keanu has never been married and sadly his only child with girlfriend Jennifer Syme was stillborn in 2000.

The couple split just weeks before Syme died in a fatal car crash.

A genre we’re perhaps not used to seeing with such a garish, neon sheen (it’s usually all dark rooms and serious men in overcoats), but it makes sense.

is set in the tinderbox days right before the fall of the Berlin Wall, where the East’s punk counterculture met the West’s ‘80s excess.

The peak, certainly, arrives in a scene premised around a single continuous take (though there are some hidden cuts to be found), in which Lorraine takes down several attackers in an apartment building stairwell.

Leitch holds the camera back, observant, and there’s simplicity to his approach that puts the choreography front and centre: no snappy camera tricks, no music.If there was ever any doubt that Theron earned her place as one of today’s greatest action stars, let that doubt be firmly quashed.She’s the kind of woman, in a way, who feels quietly revolutionary merely by refusing to show hesitation in her own strength, and maybe that’s her appeal.The silver-haired woman paired black jeans and booties with a long-line jacket and a graphic tee.The two were all smiles as they hopped into their vehicle after dinner.Over the years, Reeves has had several romantic relationships with co-stars including Sandra Bullock, Diane Keaton, and Winona Ryder.

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