Sexual adult roleplay chat

As spontaneous and unpredictable role-play situations can be, all players are entitled to personal limits.Since is a prevelant theme, consent may already be established.

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If you are uncomfortable with certain actions being imposed on your character, IM the other player and inform them immediately.

If you are in the middle of a scene and find yourself unable to continue playing, you should IM the other player and indicate you want to “void” (never happened) the scene or “fade to black” (agree to skip details and jump to conclusion).

If you need to break character temporarily, you may do so by surrounding your text in brackets, for example: (( I need to use the restroom, I’ll brb )) IC versus OOC also reflects the nature of your relationship with another player and understanding the difference between what characters say or do In-Character and what goes on Out-Of-Character is paramount to a healthy storyline and preventing metagaming.

Once you leave the OOC skybox, you are in the role-play environment. Idling or ‘AFKing’ in public RP areas for extended periods of time is considered bad form and you could get TPd home.

In Second Life, this means to use the /me command as you portray yourself in the third person, followed by the physical actions, thoughts, feelings, and/or speech (in quotations) of your character.

The following examples are responses you could type if you were playing this female character: Role-play is a turn-based activity.

Think about where he/she grew up, any traumatic or major events that help define character, and the events that lead to their arrival in the city.

Create a profile pick of The Crack Den and put a summary of your character’s backstory in the description.

This gives the other player flexibility and chances to either accept or deflect what you are trying to do to them.

Combat and forced fantasy scenes are especially handled this way.

When someone posts, you should respond with a single post, then wait for your turn to respond again.


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