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When someone posts, you should respond with a single post, then wait for your turn to respond again.If there are multiple players involved, take your turn in order.Out-of-character (OOC) describes responses and interactions with others as your real-self, in out-of-story context.

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This allows everyone a fair chance to respond to a situation before it is your turn to post again.

Busy locations such as restaurants and bars may have a more lax posting order to allow workers to better serve and private conversations to ensue. If your character is interacting physically with another, every action you post must always be an attempt, or what you are trying to do to the other player.

In Second Life, this means to use the /me command as you portray yourself in the third person, followed by the physical actions, thoughts, feelings, and/or speech (in quotations) of your character.

The following examples are responses you could type if you were playing this female character: Role-play is a turn-based activity.

This gives the other player flexibility and chances to either accept or deflect what you are trying to do to them.

Combat and forced fantasy scenes are especially handled this way.

This is the most important concept to understand for role-play: In-character (IC) describes the state of acting through the eyes, ears, and body of your fictional character.

Basically, all physical actions and conversations would be based as if you are really the character, through the emoting and writing guidelines detailed below.

If one attacks without any social interaction, uses excessive force, or post the result of an attack on another character, then they are powergaming.


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