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He allegedly performed a song that went: "I wish I were a misogynist / I'd put her in her place / I wish I were a misogynist / I'd smash her in her face." You can listen to the song here.In a comment on Drowned in Sound, first spotted by Buzz Feed News, O'Mara wrote hat young people "much prefer anti-social behaviour" to "Dik and Dom," a reference to two TV children's entertainers.A British politician has been suspended from his party over a series of misogynistic, homophobic, and xenophobic comments he has made online — and an alleged verbal assault on a woman.

A Labour spokesperson said the party had opened an investigation into the MP after Evans' allegation, Buzz Feed News reported.

Here's the BBC's interview with Evans on "Daily Politics": Full Sophie Evans interview (with strong language) on Jared O'Mara MP will be on Tue #bbcdp"I just thought wow, he is not a very nice man" pic.twitter.com/3St HErker3— Daily&Sunday Politics (@daily_politics) October 24, 2017 In an effusive message, posted on online music forum Drowned in Sound and obtained by Guido Fawkes, O'Mara wrote that a local Sheffield band had "a rhythm section that's tighter than your mother when I took her virginity all those years ago" and was "even better than receiving fellatio from the beautifully pert lips and wet mouth of Angelina Jolie." Here's the message in full: O'Mara was a member of a band called Dirty Rotten Troubadours.

In an unnamed online forum about an England-Spain football match, obtained by Guido Fawkes, O'Mara allegedly wrote: "Let's beat the Dagos." In a separate reply to a Danish user, he said: "Oh yeah, I might be a 'ginge' but at least I don't practice [sic] bestiality like all you Danes!

No director has been chosen yet, although the screenplay is currently out to filmmakers.

"I find it funny how some homosexuals think they have the monopoly on being subject to abuse,they should try being Ginger( a red head for any charmingly naive cross-pond residents) AND Disabled!

" In light of the remarks, Labour LGBT has demanded an apology."They only hang around ASDA to break into the 'guide dogs for the blind' collection statue at the entrance.If an adult slapped their legs they'd be up on an assault charge," he allegedly said."I also dislike the prevailing western tendency to deify fatties...There is nothing noble or admirable about glutting on loads of fatty foods and making yourself obese and ill.In fact, it would be quite funny." Here's a collection of messages, obtained by Pink News, that he left on the Morrissey Solo message board, under the screenname "cosmic dancer": "So a man who writes about homosexuality is gay then? "Just cos he writes about gayness and gay issues, doesn’t mean he drives up the Marmite motorway, or for that matter, allows someone else to drive up his.

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