Gretsch serial dating scientific definition of absolute dating

Based on your serial number I can tell you that your sax was made in 1910. I can't remember the site I found this at, but you can just run a search on "frank holton" and there will be a site that lists the serial numbers from 1 (in 1901), up until the point they were bought by Le Blanc.

There is a Gretsch alto on e Bay Germany right now where it is claimed that it's a Martin stencil. And if so which Martin model would it correspond to?

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How naive would it be to assume that, since it was made by the Buescher people, it might be closely comparable to Aristocrats of that same period?

So far, all of the Buescher stencils I've seen are more akin to the student model Elkhart.

And also a great way to start a nice snare collection. is there a retrofit kit for this snare with any high-end modern strainer. where can i search serial numbers to find info about this snares origin? i promise) the screws caught the hoop when the throw was on its way to the dropped position. ill use some snare cord instead of a plastic strap. isnt there a guy on here who makes a plate that converts the hole patterns on these old snares? i went and got some nevr dull and goof-off did the deed. i put foam under the lugs to muffle any squeaks or rattles. it was too beautiful to not go ahead and shoot the snare is immaculate. here are the pics Hello, I have a question about COB Gretsch snare drum. This is 4160 model from 1979/80, missing the internal damper, but everything is working.

If you do it from the of the tension rods will spread it as they screw in.

I have no less than 5 of these particular stencils, all altos, waiting to be refurbished.

I don't know for sure, but I'd bet that the Gretsch falls into that category.

on my snare at home i usually only rimshot (its the only way to make mine really sound good) but with the gretsch, it was very flexible. i dont have the cash on hand but i can borrow it from my brother and have some cymbals and the snare i currently use to sell. i am really looking forward to having a good sounding (done) good looking (almost) and good working snare. chrome peeling on batter hoop) i just took the drum down to the shell. I second the Never Dull, I use it on all my chrome snares. It will in fact remove much of the superficial pitting I see in your photos.

recently, i have had trouble with a thin sounding snare, but this one is anything but thin....... unfortunately i have a lot of clean-up to do and there are a few things id like some help with... I also place a dab of Vaseline in the receivers to lubricate the threads.

i went into gc today and came across a 70s gretsch 14x5 chrome over brass snare (#4160 maybe? it was in pretty good condition with only a little pitting and the batter hoop has a spot where the chrome is gone. it has the high crack i want with actual thick body instead of just overtones! there is a lot of white powder where the lugs were. alright i got the snare and am liking how it sounds. what is the best way to remove the tarnish and pitting from the chrome? This will eliminate the possibility of rattling or buzzing.


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