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Customize User Interface dialog box now supports Fold panels.

A dark gray background in modelspace is now default.

The traditional dot grid has been replaced with horizontal and vertical gridlines.

Quick Access toolbar displays the name of the current workspace.

As default Quick Access toolbar now includes both the Save and the Save As tools.

When you use the Isolate Objects tool, only the selected objects remain visible in the drawing. The OBJECTISOLATIONMODE system variable controls whether isolated/hidden objects persist between drawing sessions.

Default setting is temporary for current drawing session with value 0. A lightbulb icon on the status bar indicates whether object isolation is active in the drawing. Add Selected tool enables you to quickly create a new object in your drawing based on the properties of an existing object.

The Windows panel includes new User Interface and Toolbar controls that enable you to toggle the display of various user interface elements, including Autodesk View Cube and Show Motion navigation widgets, the Navigation bar, and the Text window.

The Status bar controls, which have been removed from the Windows panel, are now only on the Status bar.

View Cube has been enhanced to support the 2D wireframe visual style. The UCS icon has been updated to display a different color for each axis: X for red, Y for green, and Z for blue.

In addition, the appearance of 3D gizmos has been updated for clarity and consistency. The Insert tab includes a Point Cloud panel and Content panel with access to Design Center and Autodesk Seek web service.

When you try to select an object that overlaps other objects, Auto CAD displays a list of all the overlapping objects.


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