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Brinker International, the owner of Chili’s, is also the owner of Maggiano’s Little Italy restaurant chains.Tagged as: Chili's grill and bar customer complaint desk, Chili's grill and bar customer complaints, chili’s grill & bar address, chili’s grill & bar corporate address, chili’s grill & bar corporate office headquarters, chili’s grill & bar headquarters, chili’s grill & bar home office, chili’s grill & bar main office, chili’s grill & bar office address, chili’s grill & bar office email, chili’s grill & bar office fax, chili’s grill & bar office phone, chili’s grill & bar office phone number I was at you r Mays Landing, NJ location not too long ago and was initially dissatisfied with my order but it was promptly rectified by your manager Samantha and our server. I felt valued as a customer and am willing to continue to pass by the other options in the area to make this restaurant my first choice and hopefully Samantha and crew are on staff. My sincere appreciation, Joe Reply We visited the Westover hills location on 131 SW loop 410 today at pm.

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Reply Went to eat at the Chili’s located in Downtown Salt Lake City Utah. Our server seemed less than happy we ordered water to drink. then 5 minutes later she came with my salad and shoved to me with”here’s your garden salad”…we still waited another 5 mins for the chilli……then it was another 20 mins till our dinners came out and my order was not what asked for and her under the breath comment was “sorry I didn’t dissect your burger…that I was boiling …..several other ppl came in and were served their dinner as we waited….another table had to ask another server for napkins and had a different server had to bring their dinner ….clearly this is not a business she should be in …mgr offered us coupons …but waited till we already pd to say ” o I Didn’t want you to pay”…should have stated that at his first visit to our table….

Our server was rude and very loud, wish I could remember his name. He was rude to all his tables and we could hear him telling other servers about his tables, spouting racist comments and cursing about them because they weren’t “white”. Not only that but I’m pretty sure I could smell alcohol coming off his breath which might have been the reason he was so loud and annoying. That server should be fired for drinking on the job, cursing and spouting racist slurs at other patrons. Reply My husband and I ate at the 2709 Broadway, Pearland, Texas location last night. My husband ordered fajitas and I ordered margarita chicken. Reply The manager at the Sandy UT restaurant has made comments that are completely unacceptable and disgusting and have been audible to customers sitting near the kitchen doors.

Then when I asked how their employees are held accountable if property goes missing from a table there busing, I was told “their employees do not steal.” As much as I would love to believe all people choose to do the right thing experience has proven otherwise.

I then had to file a police report for a total missing amount of $1,200. It is unacceptable that these restaurants, that are a public establishment are not required to keep video surveillance to ensure that their employees are held accountable when customers leave property at the tables. Our entire evening was summed up into ‘we will never eat there again’ it is sad because we eat there often.

I do not live in the area and was visiting a friend for the weekend.

My server did not Id me for my alcohol ic beverage first and foremost.Chili’s Grill & Bar’s first location opened in 1975 in Dallas, Texas by Larry Lavine.Lavine’s concept was an informal atmosphere with an extensive hamburger menu.Collins from visiting my brother in a nursing home in Denver, We just finished placing our order when we were notified that he had passed.Our server, Garrett, saw we were upset so I explained what had happened. I wanted you to know what a great staff you have at your restaurant, #318, as we were able to notify my brother’s family and get our emotions under control before having to drive home.And if that is incorrect, then it is unacceptable that I was lied to by the local management team at this location. Just thought you might want to know the greet staff, wait staff, and chef are not living up to the Chili’s standards.


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  3. There are also FREE public lots available when you turn SOUTH on 1st street (1st street is immediately EAST of the block Honey is on), behind SOPRA.

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