Sonicwall sonicpoint n not updating firmware

They also do not seem to be happy regarding the way the disclosure was handled.

D-Link has posted an advisory stating that they are waiting for patches from the chipset manufacturers.

They further accurately state that "For consumers users, your priority should be updating devices such as laptops and smartphones.".

Asus has released information (see bottom of the page) and working with chipset suppliers to patch the vulns and will release an update as soon as its ready.

AVM has a advisory posted regarding the KRACK vuln. Boxes on broadband connections are currently not affected by the wireless security breach known as "Krack", as such access points do not use the affected 802.11r standard.".

Dell has posted an advisory that lists all products that are NOT affected by the KRACK vulns.

More information about affected products will be added to the advisory soon.

Dray Tek has posted an advisory detailing what products are affected by KRACK and stating that updates will be available next week.

Edimax posted an advisory stating: This vulnerability will require collaborative firmware patches from relevant manufacturers.

"Belkin Linksys, and Wemo are aware of the WPA vulnerability.

Our security teams are verifying details and we will advise accordingly.

It is strongly suggested that users update their hardware as soon as a update is available in order to protect themselves.

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