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It can determine the brand of liquor in a bottle, it can determine if that viagra you ordered from Canada is real or fake, it can tell you if that money in your pocket is real or phony. https://linksquare.io/9 CES in Las Vegas remains THE best place to get a first look at a huge range of electronics heading your way in the year ahead.I’ll be at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas working with Harman and showing off some of my favorite new audio gadgets, electronics, and cutting-edge automotive tech. It’s basically a high tech self-driving chassis with changeable “pods” to personalize the interior space.

So, your car of the future would not only transportation but also a classroom, or an office, or theater.

This concept has been built together with HARMAN — who is a specialist car technology– to demonstrate how we can get back more productive time in our daily commutes when autonomous cars become the norm.

The Fusion Core is the high-tech, powerful mini-computer that’s embedded within each action figure and the “brains” behind he smart connected toys, allowing the game to seamlessly connect to the smart action figure.

See for yourself as you use the action figure to control the game!

This one is around $20 Flitt Flying Selfie Camera ( – Say “hello” to your new BFF (Best Flying Friend)! Download the free IOS or Android app, connect to Flitt’s private Wi Fi (no public, home or office Wi Fi network needed), and take to the air with the push of a button.

Fly, shoot and share, Flitt takes aerial selfies and high-flying video of your social gatherings and with just a tap of a button you can instantly share those memories across your favorite social media apps. Flitt’s optical positioning flight technology enables it to hover in-place, indoors or out, while you turn your best moments into memories from an entirely new perspective.

Here are a few more products from #CES2018 KOHLER ALEXA ENABLED BATHROOM MIRROR — Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror brings Amazon’s Alexa into the bathroom.

Alexa not only controls the lights on the mirror but also lets you access news, weather, sports, music, spotify and much more from your bathroom.

The Starter Pack includes one Smart Action Figure, a Weapon/Accessory, Fusion Core Minicomputer and 5 Augmented Reality Trading Cards, 1 Unique Tribute Card and a mini USB Charger for .99 available now on Toys and Amazon. Here’s the Lightseekers BRoll: https:// GAME PLAY.mov?

dl=0 Sharper Image RC Flip Stunt Rally – This remote control car is actually two cars in one!

FILTRETE BLUETOOTH CONNECTED A/C FILTER— Bluetooth connection to smart phone let’s users know when air filter needs to be changed.

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