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I’ve been on the League for months, and I never knew there was a real person behind “the Concierge” who’s listed among my matches, but there is.

Bradford says there’s a team of about 10 League employees powering these profiles. Bradford says she hasn’t seen any “crazy gender ratios thrown off or one city where no one’s educated on one side and not the other.” But Atlanta is probably “the most unbalanced community,” she says, because there are a lot more educated women than men.

When you talk over people, you’re basically saying, “I’m more important that you are.” You’re basically saying, “Whatever I have to say has more value than whatever it is that you are saying.” You disrespecting them; you are devaluing them. Your date will pick up on this and either get freaked out because you are a very controlling person, or turn the game to his advantage. Right, but since you’re sending so many bad signals by talking over him, he basically looks at you as a piece of ass. Another annoying aspect to the classic Aries personality is that you are so driven to dominate that any kind of otherwise innocent conversation is instantly turned into a debate. You are constantly in a rush to show people that you’re smart, that your ideas matter. You can either turn off your date completely, or you can drive him wild if certain other factors are present.

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Her theory is that, the longer someone waits, the more eager they’ll be to use the app once they’re on it. The admissions process sounds a bit like screening for a brainier version of “The Bachelor”: “We try to let in the people who we think want to be there and are there for the right reasons,” Bradford says. Some dating apps have had problems with bots or spam accounts, which can make it hard to tell if you’re chatting with a real human or a machine.

But on the League, real people are vetting everyone who’s accepted onto the app — hence the long wait list — to make sure that all the users are real themselves.

It’s so notoriously difficult to get into the League, the Harvard of dating apps, that fictional characters complain about it on television.

On the first season of HBO’s “Insecure,” even hard-charging lawyer Molly Carter (Yvonne Orji) has to wait three months to be accepted. In an interview this week, Bradford explained what people can do to get off the wait list, and other secrets behind the selective dating app. Would you apply to college without writing an entrance essay? Well, it’s smart to treat your League profile the same way.

When somebody is saying something, they obviously care about what they’re saying.

Many people think that a key part of themselves is wrapped up in the stuff that they say.Unless that’s what you’re looking for, this leads to a bad deal.To avoid sending the wrong signal regarding your fitness as an emotional partner or relationship partner, you have to listen to your date. Just because there is silence during your date and there’s this long period where neither of you are talking, doesn’t mean that your date is boring. In fact, silence is sometimes the best way to communicate with another person. One of the biggest ways you can show your disrespect or lack or appreciation for another person is to talk over that person.They tend to direct conversations based on their assumptions.Not only do you lose friends when you talk this way, you also turn off your dates.And second: A quality photo provides an accurate view of the person you’re swiping left or right on. “I want to arm people with as much information as possible.” She also recommends including photos of several parts of your life.

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