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I think all four of these dialogues, which are conducted at a very high level, are really advancing our two countries’ understandings of the nature of this relationship between the U. and China and how we should strive to strengthen this relationship so that it benefits both of our countries from an economic prosperity standpoint but also benefits the world in terms of maintaining a secure world absent of conflict.

I also had the opportunity to sit and exchange views with our Russian counterparts, Sergey Lavrov.

that litters the oceans and how we can better coordinate a response to that challenge as well.

I do want to express my appreciation to the Philippines, the Government of the Philippines, for hosting this series of ASEAN meetings and the opportunity for some very useful and productive bilaterals.

In terms of these most recent round of sanctions, I think your point is well taken that when do these actually have a practical bite on their revenues.

I think perhaps the most – the more important element of that is just the message that this sends to North Korea of how unacceptable the entire international community finds what they’re doing to be.

So the next steps obviously are to see that the Security Council resolution sanctions are enforced by everyone.

We will be monitoring that carefully and certainly having conversations with any and all that we see who may not be fully embracing not just the spirit of those sanctions but the operational execution of those sanctions.

Again, I think these annual sessions serve a really important platform for all of us to convene here in Southeast Asia and the Pacific and exchange views on a number of issues, obviously, of mutual interest.

So let me stop there, and I’m happy to take questions. QUESTION: Thank you, Secretary Tillerson, for doing this.

And I think the question, in our view, is one of, again, being very pragmatic about the situation where you have the two largest nuclear powers in the world that do have a number of issues between us, obviously.


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