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You won’t forget him, because he was seven years of your life, after all. This, and what he wrote (endless excuses for himself, why won't I help him and why do I make him feel so guilty, and can't we just meet up and talk this through without anger, and he's being open now so how can I ignore him and make him feel bad) helped me cut contact.

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We had a quite dysfunctional relationship first few years (verbal abuse, consent issues, he was lying a lot etc), but never ended things because we had a very strong connection, fierce love, and belief that no one could understand us better than we understand one another.

I was his first sexual partner and though he was not mine, the experiences I had before were almost all crappy.

Finding that with someone can be incredibly euphoric, but when you haven’t felt understood before and it comes out of a dysfunctional relationship or a terrible partner, it can also be a powerful obstacle to getting out and allowing yourself to be free to find the understanding with someone who is a good partner and with whom you can have a functional relationship.

You have seven years of knowledge about your prior partner, what he’s done to you and is likely to do again – after all, if you keep taking him back, what are the real consequences for his actions?

After around 2 years he admitted he cheated on me with another woman. I always had very low self-esteem (though it’s better now), and we lived together then, so felt like I had no place to go or money to move out, and I decided to forgive.

I am not proud of this next part, but I rationalized that if I did the same to him, we would somehow “be even” and could start fresh, so I slept with someone else after the initial pain of his infidelity wore off (1-2 years after). Two years ago, we moved to a new city, and although I have two friends here, my family lives in another country and he has been my main support. How do I forget someone I thought I’ll spend my life with?And, in general, you probably need to dig a bit to unearth the social forces that shape our desires to stay in even bad relationships at some pretty terrible costs, from the way that society values women on the marriage path more to the idea that getting into a relationship, any relationship, is a worthwhile goal in and of itself, and figure out how, if at all, those social strictures shaped your decisions.Finally: the desire to be understood, deeply and at our core, drives a lot of relationships and relationship-seeking behavior.The way to stay strong and not give in is frankly to allow yourself to hurt, and to really think about all the terrible parts of this long relationship rather than focusing on the good things you think you miss.I know if can be hard to assess this when you’re hurting, but if he really loved, supported and understood you, he wouldn’t have hurt you over and over again – and, obviously, just because he did hurt you doesn’t mean that you can’t or won’t find someone who gives you the love and support you wanted and wanted to believe you had.Obviously triggers like a bad break-up can worsen depression, and group therapy might not be the right environment for you to deal with the extra issues brought up by the end of this relationship.


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