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These were the very elite of the Necrontyr armies and are the true fighting strength of the Necron dynasties; hardened veterans of ancient wars born anew in tireless, undying necrodermis bodies.Still able to think and respond with a chill echo of intelligence, their martial power remains undimmed, as does their unflagging loyalty.Within the engrammic circuitry of each Immortal, there lingers a spark of the mortal soldier he once was.

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Through a reexamination of the identity of the South American specimen and the associated radiocarbon data, we are able to identify the source of this confusion, and confirm that Ötzi presents the world's oldest preserved tattoos.

To find 10,000 Reasons to be grateful can seem a worthless exercise consuming so much time - probably two or three hundred hours will be invested.

The transition from mortal flesh to undying alien metal has only deepened the Immortals' hatred of their enemies.

Stripped of weaknesses such as remorse and pity, and bereft of any fear of death, an Immortal kills without hesitation.

Nearly two full weeks of effort over a three-and-a-half-month period.

But it's not about the Love, the God kind of love, is not fuzzy feelings and happily-ever-after's.

When the character knows that something happen, it's an example of My Significance Sense Is Tingling.

If it's limited to surveillance, it's awareness of Being Watched.

A character has the psychic ability to know when something is about to happen, and react accordingly to prevent some kind of harm. To prevent it from becoming a Story-Breaker Power, the sense usually comes with a few limitations.

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