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Mr Mwamba said during handover of the jets at Mumbwa air base yesterday that the Government was committed to ensuring that peace continued to prevail in the country.The pilots of the jets showcased various aerobatic displays such as flushing of different colours that connotated the Zambian and Chinese national flags., chronicles the two years she spent living aboard her rebuilt sailboat, the “Gypsy Spirit,” with Kia and sailing mentor, Ed.

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He was happy that the pleasant relations Zambia and China had continued.

Over the past two-and-a-half decades, Christine Bukruian has tried her hand at a fair deal of occupations, including dance instructor, natural soap business owner, and spring water company co-owner, until embracing her lifelong dream of writing and sailing.

Lieutenant General, Chimese said Zambia’s flourishing sectors like mining, had put pressure on ZAF to intensively monitor those wanting to bring instability and sabotage the mining activities.

“We are witnessing increased mining activities and as ZAF, we have to ensure that we monitor those coming and going out of the country,” he said.

We call upon CATIC to render due and timely support in this regard,” he said.

In November last year, there was another handover of a fleet of upgraded K-8 aircraft by CATIC to ZAF.I have a daughter, Tanya, who just received her master’s degree in counseling. Knowing virtually nothing about boats, I purchased ‘Gypsy Spirit’ less than a year after her passing.My father, Sahag, is a business man and an artist/musician. As a result of her untimely passing, I decided to fulfill a dream of sailing and living a Sea Gypsy lifestyle. CB: For years before my first actual sail, I dreamt of living on a boat—a sailboat, motorboat, houseboat, I didn’t care—just a boat. I was a single mom with a young daughter and a business to run. Once I began actually looking, I found that I liked the look and lore of sailboats.My daughter was excited and we actually planned for her to take a semester off from school to join me in the islands.My cruising ground includes the following: the Florida East Coast and Intercoastal Waterway, the Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, the Dominican Republic, the Caribbean, Boston Harbor, and Narragansett Bay.From that day on, something changed on both our parts. When I adopted her, they were on the verge of putting her to sleep.


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