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Role-playing may also refer to role training where people rehearse situations in preparation for a future performance and to improve their abilities within a role.

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It has been used in the early classic social psychological experiments by Kurt Lewin (1939/1997), Stanley Milgram (1963), and Phillip Zimbardo.

Herbert Kelman suggested that role-playing might be "the most promising source" of research methods alternative to methods using deception (Kelman 1965).

The ancient Romans, Han Chinese, and medieval Europeans all enjoyed occasionally organizing events in which everyone pretended to be from an earlier age, and entertainment appears to have been the primary purpose of these activities.

Within the 20th century historical re-enactment has often been pursued as a hobby.

One of the first uses of computers was to simulate real-world conditions for participants role-playing the flying of aircraft.

Flight simulators used computers to solve the equations of flight and train future pilots.

Improvisational theatre dates back to the Commedia dell'Arte tradition of the 16th century.

Modern improvisational theatre began in the classroom with the "theatre games" of Viola Spolin and Keith Johnstone in the 1950s.

In message board/forum role-play, sometimes it can feel a lot like writing a short story, but being able to interact live with other players and characters helps make the experience more ‘real’.

Not to mention, live role-play allows storylines to unfold at a faster pace, whereas in board role-play, sometimes you may be waiting hours, or even days for a reply. The line above is an all-too common line—and any other variations of it—with many role-players.

Sometimes make believe adopts an oppositional nature, resulting in games such as cops and robbers.


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