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low and behold, he’s wearing the SAME stupid puffer vest AGAIN, but this time with a red t-shirt underneath. I notice when the food comes he reaches over and starts eating right away. Also, why are you wearing the SAME ugly stupid puffer vest?! The show starts and headliner comes on and we laugh, we both are having fun … The Vet slowly reaches down to my left leg, more like upper thigh and begins to slowly rub/molest it..apparently trying to make a smooth move! I look around and don’t see the Vet, upon asking for a table, I am told there is a place for two but we have to be done by 8pm.

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Then as I turned on the TV, I saw one of the many commercials. Always a cute couple, sometimes in a sushi joint attempting to impress each other with their chopstick skills (wait wasn’t that me with OKVet?

Sadly, as I kept looking I didn’t find any amazing males that stood out.

What the hell should I do because this feels really uncomfortable?!! Apparently paying for a online dating site is quite the norm now, so screw it. After completing my payment, I realize I shouldn’t play the whole step one- trolling, step two- insert a little content, step three- possibly put up a picture, as I did on OKC. I proceed to take the next day or two to be very selective in the photos I place on the site, along with the content I am entering about myself.

So I grab my purse, whip out my UW credit card and begin entering the numbers in, realizing now that I am PAYING to find someone, and in a sense it feels a little creepy.

I haven’t even stepped two feet towards crossing the street and the Vet has taken off like a bullet in the night.

I think to myself “Wow, he couldn’t even have waited till I got in my car? At this point, I should be smart and go home but I am TOO nice and agree. I am also a little turned off by the fact, every time he orders a drink he’s totally fine with the “well” brand of alcohol, whereas I only drink Ketel One or Grey Goose. He takes off the puffer vest to get ‘more comfortable’. He leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek (which is all I would allow anyway) and bid me goodbye and jets. Literally I’ve had the young cub at 22yrs old to the 79yr old grandpa writing me. At first, when he reached out to me I immediately thought… He then asked me out on a date after a few Match emails. I have to really pick out two amazing outfits two nights in a row! So, commuting back into the city for a date with someone I haven’t met, is a big deal for me. After the show ends, he asks if I want to play pool. We play a few rounds and have a couple laughs but I don’t care to ask him many questions or engage fully because I know it wont go anywhere. Not to sound like my pretty little head got bigger, but it was slightly overwhelming! I didn’t know what to do, how to respond, what to say, how to filter all these men, from young to old. I also start talking to a guy who’s screen name is Annoyingly Long (AL). He proceeded to reassure me, it had nothing to do with his male anatomy when I asked him “What is up with the screen name? ” but only that the whole online dating setup/process was “annoyingly long” hmmm… Let me just say, I work in the city and live on the Eastside. Not really, but I wouldn’t say it wasn’t a disaster either. He could have chewed with his mouth open, or been a raging alcoholic, whipped out his meds in front of me, or not even had a car. minus the ‘my ass is on fire and I gotta jet move’ after I got out of his car.He suggests we go across the street to another bar which is less upscale, includes video games and the typical grungy Seattle crowd. Sweet and slightly uncomfortable because that means I have to turn to talk to him and can’t face him straight on while trying to maneuver chopsticks and large rolls which I need to stick in my mouth. After watching how HAPPY and EXCITED those people were, I decided to check out the site.

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