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I decide not to overdress but of course, still look cute in my cigarette fitting jeans, heels, cute top and have my hair down (hair is usually up, due to loads of it). Then, I get a text from the Vet saying the place is booked, so I step outside to tell him I have a table for us (shouldn’t he have reserved something? Tell me about your job, How long have you been in the area?

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Not so sure about his puffer vest style which transcends slightly into the boring PNW male who doesn’t seem to give a shit about what he looks like or sometimes even smells like it too. In the meantime, while continuing to troll OKCupid and the waiting potential.

After the Vet texted about meeting again, I contemplated what to do.

I offer to get the tickets online and meet him for the 7pm show. The advice being given is to text him a short message asking “Are we still on for Friday? I do exactly this and he responds saying “Yes, I am trying to think of places to go. The Vet had informed me earlier, he was coming from the Northgate area because he had to perform an at home euthanasia, so he might be a few mins delayed . I don’t need to know that, especially being the animal lover I am. I notice he looks the same as his pictures for the most part. Although, his sweater smells like it came out of a old wooden closet.

The Vet and I have decided to see a comedy show on Thursday at the Parlor in Bellevue. I arrive at the Parlor and go to the front to get our tickets from Will Call. I am growing impatient just standing in the front waiting. I’ll let it slide this time) I give the Vet the once over as we meet. Then, I start noticing something that I never find attractive in a man. Yes, this sounds completely superficial, I realize this, but we can’t help what we are attracted to, right? well I think to myself “He seems nice and he’s smart.

We wish each other good bye with an awkward side hug in the car and I hop out.

Thanking god he didn’t lean in for a kiss or anything weird.

“As women, I think that as much as we can point the finger at other people and say, ‘You don’t give us …’ or ‘You don’t treat us fairly,’ we also have to point the finger at ourselves and say, ‘Did we ask?

’” Pompeo explained of her fight to earn million while on ' Jimmy Kimmel Live!

#2 why are you rubbing my leg like your consoling a cat on your hospital table? So, I make a call to my best friend informing her how nervous I am, that I hate driving and finding parking in the city and asking her “what if its a total bust? The plan is to leave after a drink and not span it out too long if he’s a total dud. I walk over and the typical Seattle drizzle has taken affect and doesn’t help the fact I have to insanely pee.

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