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What’s so great is the way he executed the end result I heard in my head.We worked well together and had very parallel visions, but he has the know-how to bring in just the right musicians and take my songs to the next level.Considering his track record, I was flattered that he wanted to work with me, and the results are beyond anything I could have imagined.’ Our previous article on Voegele concluded with her offering up and coming singer/songwriters advice on perseverance.

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‘It was such an amazing experience working with Mike,’ says Voegele.

‘I am a huge fan of everything he has done, all of his work with Dre, Fiona, Maroon 5, you name it.

I want to write a song for every situation in the hopes that people will pick up the album even if they can only relate to one of them and say, ‘I get where she’s coming from, I’ve been there.’ That’s what makes a great song, taking a personal situation and elevating it to a universal level.

My task is to write songs that people will relate to and be inspired by.

But I write best when I’m really busy and living my life, in the middle of the chaos.

‘I’d write ideas down on airplanes, sleeping in my bunk on the bus at night, keeping song ideas and lyrics in my coat pocket,’ she adds.

This was the perfect name for the album because it’s kind of all over the place, sort of an amalgamation of the things I was inspired by and all these adventures.

Things were chaotic but I was able to see the beauty in the chaos.

Dre, Fiona Apple to Eminem, Rihanna, Maroon 5 and Pink.

Elizondo, who was immediately intrigued by the raw excitement and emotional content of Voegele’s songs, impressed the singer with his innate ability to translate her musical vision to nuts and bolts reality.

They’re about me becoming independent and doing different things with my life.

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