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Most of the remaining mandates of the League of Nations (with the exception of South-West Africa) thus eventually became United Nations Trust Territories.

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In testimony before the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, a former US State Department official who had been a member of the American Commission at Paris testified that the United Kingdom and France had simply gone ahead and arranged the world to suit themselves.

He pointed out that the League of Nations could do nothing to alter their arrangements, since the League could only act by unanimous consent of its members – including the UK and France.

It contained the international machinery for the enforcement of the terms of the treaty.

Article 22 established a system of Mandates to administer former colonies and territories.

The mandates were divided into three distinct groups based upon the level of development each population had achieved at that time.

The first group, or Class A mandates, were territories formerly controlled by the Ottoman Empire that were deemed to "...The mandate system was established under Article 22 of the Covenant of the League of Nations, entered into on 28 June 1919.With the dissolution of the League of Nations after World War II, it was stipulated at the Yalta Conference that the remaining Mandates should be placed under the trusteeship of the United Nations, subject to future discussions and formal agreements.Peace treaties have played an important role in the formation of the modern law of nations.The first twenty-six articles of the Treaty of Versailles contained the Covenant of the League of Nations.The League's duties were confined to seeing that the specific and detailed terms of the mandates were in accordance with the decisions taken by the Allied and Associated Powers, and that in carrying out these mandates the Mandatory Powers should be under the supervision—not under the control—of the League.' The League of Nations decided the exact level of control by the Mandatory power over each mandate on an individual basis.


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