Dating costume jewellery

Antique Victorian jewellery was so well made that a lot still survives in excellent and perfectly wearable condition today.

Number 7 Orange necklace: This double strand kitsch looking necklace is made from real coral gemstone, and dates from the Victorian / early Edwardian period, circa 1900s.

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Many unsigned pieces are just as beautiful, well-made and durable as signed jewelry, and they are far less expensive.

It's good to learn inexpensively when you start collecting. Many wonderful designer jewelry firms failed to sign their jewelry during different periods or different circumstances. In fact, many designers never signed their earliest pieces.

These hallmarks — commonly known as purity marks, maker’s marks, symbols, or date letters — can give you some useful insight on the materials, epoch, and producer of a piece of jewelry.

If you’re looking to expand your jewelry collection or would like to know more about the examples you already have, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide on what these tiny etchings really mean – and how to ensure you’re buying the real thing.

Coral was worn by superstitious Victorians as they believed it enhanced their health, and protected them from other people’s jealousy.

The study of jewelry marks is a fascinating subject infused with history, culture, and art. The vast majority of vintage, and especially antique (pre-1930) costume jewelry is unsigned.If you collect only signed jewelry, you will miss way too many highly collectible items.Number 2 Glass diamante swag necklace: Although it looks vintage, this necklace is a lovely modern reproduction. The clasp is a modern ‘lobster’ clasp with typical post 1990s long extender chain.Also, the spacing between the stones is longer than on vintage necklace.Buy jewelry books and look at photos of signed Weiss jewels. Most dealers don't mark up Weiss jewelry if it is unsigned, and you can find it all over flea markets, thrift stores & auctions.

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