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Actions speak louder than words and we’ve all witnessed many of hers.” One thing Daniel failed to clear up was the mystery behind Farrah’s mermaid arm tattoo!

It says on his Linked In profile that his work history prior to venturing out on his own includes being an assistant manager at Circuit City from 2005-2007, an assistant manager at Nordstrom from 2007-2010, and a specialist at an Apple store for three months in 20.

I am guessing that he is of Colombian decent because he shared this blurry photo of himself on Facebook with the caption, “’94 passport pic in Colombia.” And, just in case all the previous diligent journalisming wasn’t enough and you need more than background info and still images to form your opinion, here’s a video featuring Daniel getting lost in a hay maze in in San Francisco in 2008.

watched as Farrah Abraham traveled to Austin, Texas to meet the parents of her boyfriend, Daniel Alvarez.

The couple’s relationship appeared to be going well in the previous episodes, but after a dinner that left Daniel’s step-mom in complete shock, and several other activities in which Farrah pressed Daniel about the idea of the two of them getting married (like, ), things took a turn for the worse.

While hanging out with some of Daniel’s friends, he began to seem distant, so Farrah left to return to her hotel room alone.

She never saw Daniel again — not even a goodbye at the airport the next day!

“For me, marriage is a one-time thing so I’m not looking to take a leap of faith over a six-week dating session,” he says.

“Farrah’s name calling and continued badgering of my name has no solid backing and comes out of spite towards me.

You can find out more about Daniel, including his businesses, by reading our initial profile post on him.

Something tells me there will be a few more fireworks in this story before it is all said and done!

Here are Farrah’s rather biting tweets from earlier today: And Daniel Alvarez fired back: (Judging from Farrah’s comment about being hacked I’m assuming there was a tweet made by Daniel on Farrah’s account that has since been deleted.


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