Farrah abraham dating daniel alvarez onlinedatingsitetip info

Actions speak louder than words and we’ve all witnessed many of hers.” One thing Daniel failed to clear up was the mystery behind Farrah’s mermaid arm tattoo! star Farrah Abraham made her relationship with new boyfriend Daniel Alvarez public a couple weeks ago and now it seems the fairytale romance has come to an abrupt and not very amicable end.

“She said, ‘I have a friend you should go on a blind date with.’ It’s the most random way I’ve ever met somebody! He also co-founded the web design company Authentik Kreative, which built My Bar Heaven.com!

So how has Daniel taken to Farrah’s daughter Sophia? I realize that the answer to that question is always “no,” but ol’ Daniel’s resume looks pretty good!

“I couldn’t ask for a better guy to come into my life,” she says. First off, he is quite the entrepreneur for being so young, which seems right in line with Farrah’s numerous career aspirations.

The two met thanks to Farrah’s recent trip to New York City during which she bumped into a woman at the airport. Daniel is co-founder of My Bar Heaven.com, a directory of local bars, clubs and restaurants as well as a nightlife blog.

It says on his Linked In profile that his work history prior to venturing out on his own includes being an assistant manager at Circuit City from 2005-2007, an assistant manager at Nordstrom from 2007-2010, and a specialist at an Apple store for three months in 20.

I am guessing that he is of Colombian decent because he shared this blurry photo of himself on Facebook with the caption, “’94 passport pic in Colombia.” And, just in case all the previous diligent journalisming wasn’t enough and you need more than background info and still images to form your opinion, here’s a video featuring Daniel getting lost in a hay maze in in San Francisco in 2008.

While hanging out with some of Daniel’s friends, he began to seem distant, so Farrah left to return to her hotel room alone.

She never saw Daniel again — not even a goodbye at the airport the next day!

The one who rejected Farrah in Austin after a romantic trip to see a bunch of bats? In this sneak peek, Daniel and Farrah sit down to reflect on the good times with Dr.


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