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Low and High German manuscripts are among the most numerous.Among them is Daz buch von guter spise ("The Book of Good Food") written c.In spite of its late date it represents the last manifestation of the cuisine of Antiquity.

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In 1896 the American cook Fannie Farmer (1857–1915) published The Boston Cooking School Cookbook which contained some 1,849 recipes.

Cookbooks that serve as basic kitchen references (sometimes known as "kitchen bibles") began to appear in the early modern period.

They often reveal notions of social, political, environmental or economic contexts.

For example, during the era of industrialization, convenience foods were brought into many households and were integrated and present in cookbooks written in this time.

is a kitchen reference publication containing a collection of recipes, typically organized by type of dish.

Modern versions may also include colorful illustrations and advice on purchasing quality ingredients or making substitutions.

This was an immensely influential book, and it established the format for modern writing about cookery.

who published Mrs Beeton's Book of Household Management in 24 monthly parts between 18.

Most of the recipes were illustrated with coloured engravings, and it was the first book to show recipes in a format that is still used today.

Many of the recipes were plagiarised from earlier writers including Acton.

The book was a guide to running a Victorian household, with advice on fashion, child care, animal husbandry, poisons, the management of servants, science, religion, and industrialism.


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