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He has multiple patents and publications in areas of opto-electronic packaging, manufacturing process monitoring, machine learning and autonomous systems. During the telecom boom, he defined the strategy of EPITAXX, then managed the pump laser business unit at Lasertron, and ultimately led the research, consulting, and M&A activities of RHK’s optical component practice.

Over the past 12 years, he has expanded his experience into industrial, medical, and defense markets as an executive at Tera Diode and Teem Photonics, where he was President and oversaw its Li DAR business.

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Shemin Liang is Vice President of Manufacturing and is responsible for all of production.

She joined Princeton Lightwave in 2005 as a product engineer.

At EPITAXX and JDSU, he led the development of market-leading high-bit-rate avalanche photodiodes and other detectors for telecom and instrumentation applications. Sabbir Rangwala is responsible for commercializing the Geiger Cruizer™ for driverless cars. from Mumbai University, all in Mechanical Engineering.

During the last 10 years, his leadership in Geiger-mode Li DAR has included numerous government-funded programs culminating in the commercial success of this technology at PLI. Itzler has published extensively, having co-authored about 100 technical papers and conference presentations, and he has had 21 patents awarded to date. He joined PLI in 2003 as VP of Product development and Operations, with a primary focus on growing multiple product lines leveraging PLI’s technologies in laser and detector devices. In his role as Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Mr.

His educational background is both technical (a degree in physics from MIT) and business-oriented (an MBA from Wharton). Poekert supervises business operations, IT, customer service, and financial services.

He has more than 25 years of experience in the photonics industry focused on operations management. Mark Itzler is responsible for PLI’s long-term business and technology strategies.Since joining PLI as CTO in 2003 and assuming the role of CEO in 2012, he has championed the company’s emergence as the dominant player in Geiger-mode Li DAR technology. Itzler was the CTO at EPITAXX Inc., and following the acquisition of Epitaxx by JDSU in 1999, he became CTO of Active Devices at JDSU. Itzler’s technical focus has been in the field of semiconductor photodetectors, particularly avalanche photodiodes and Geiger-mode Li DAR. in Physics from the University of Pennsylvania, and he pursued post-doctoral research at Harvard University. As President of the Automotive Li DAR business unit, Dr.A toxic level of GHB, or gamma-hydroxybutyric acid, a clear, odorless substance commonly used in date rape drugs, was found in her system.Sometime after midnight on the day she died, Julia met up with Zoltan Prepszent -- a celebrity photographer 15 years her senior -- at a club in South Beach.Previously, under his leadership, EPITAXX had become the leading global supplier of In Ga As detectors and receivers for telecommunications.

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