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" the driver questioned coolly, leaning on the cab door.2D stepped up beside Noodle and scowled at the cabdriver, shooting him a glance that told him to back off.

" Noodle cried, running forward and hugging 2D tightly. Russel and Murdoc had started an uneasy conversation on the song that they were performing. Practice was over with and 2D had lit a cigarette and was now leaning against the wall smoking it.

She didn't talk the whole trip, and her band mates were worried. You shouldn't apologize…I would have suspected the same." And with that, they began to practice their song Feel Good Inc, nobody mentioning what they had been arguing over previously.

So since there would be no baby shower, they were probably sending Kong Studios package after package of presents. She opened the door, the golden chain making it only able to open a bit. " 2D asked, scratching the back of his head and looking at the ground. It was EXACTLY what she wanted, especially in LA.2D smiled at the fact that Noodle had said yes."Alright. She glanced at the clock and realized that she was going to be late if she didn't hurry.

" Murdoc snapped, facing Noodle."Man, you woke up maybe four or five minutes ago." Russel mumbled."SIX for your information Tubby! " Murdoc barked, now leering at Russel."Man, what ever." Russel yawned again and stretched his arms. Paula." Murdoc looked over at Noodle."W-what about her? She also knew what must have happened, but…didn't…want to believe it."…little-I'm gonna kill tha Dullard! Noodle's tears rolled down her face and she turned away from 2D. Every one of her friends were excited about the baby. See you in an hour." Noodle kissed him, and then closed the door. Noodle had taken a shower, gotten dressed up in an undemanding outfit of a small black and white top and a short jean skirt, and simply put on some blue eye shadow.

" Murdoc yelled as Russel stepped out of his hotel room. I mean, I slept great.""We know, Russel-san…heard you…." Noodle dragged herself out of her room, still rubbing her eyes sleepily."It's about time you woke up! " Noodle asked worriedly and Murdoc automatically realized what must have happened."…. " 2D was standing in the doorway, and Murdoc and Russel turned to face him. He REALLY wished that he could just confess and get it over with. We're headin' for tha hotel." Murdoc muttered, walking off to the bus stop. Noodle was lying on the bed of her hotel room, chatting on the phone with one of her good friends.

(Hands you a space rock) In this chappie, there will be the part that'll make you go 'OMG! And the next morning, as they went to breakfast, EVERYONE was groggy and tired. I didn't sleep ALL last night because of ya bloody snoring! Tha Dullard's probably still sleeping." Murdoc trudged over to the door to 2D's room. Plus another scent that was familiar to everyone, but in their tired state, they couldn't tell what it was."M-Murdoc…where…is he? He looked down at her sympathetically and pat her back."M-urdoc, what do I do? I can't just let him do this…." Noodle sobbed."Let who do wot? Her beautiful emerald eyes and his own fractured ones. Russel was already sitting behind his drum set, and he raised his drum sticks."I guess I'm….sorry that I doubted ya, mate." Murdoc mumbled, looking down at the floor, his hair covering his mismatched eyes."It's okay, Murdoc…" for 2D it was getting hard to except all these apologies. And he just had…even though 2D should be the one saying sorry."Yeah….sorry 'D." Russel muttered, also looking at the ground in guilt. Murdoc…shouldn't be sorry…" 2D looked away from his band mates, was he about to confess? The door to the building where they had been practicing came open, causing Noodle and 2D to look over in that direction."Come on.

People looked over at her as she ran by; it was kind of awkward to see someone all dressed up running down the halls of the hotel in platform sandals. " the man asked, looking over at Noodle."Yeah." Noodle replied, too tired to really add anything else."Well congrats.

Noodle ignored the strange glances she was receiving and hurriedly ran to the elevator."Hold the lift please! A young man in a business outfit placed a hand on the side of the elevator's door, causing it to stop from closing at the last second. And good luck." He smiled politely."Thanks." Noodle stood up straight as the elevator came to its stop finally."You're welcome." He stepped out of the elevator and Noodle did the same. It's a bit far to the beach." Noodle took 2D's hand in hers and walked excitedly to the lobby's exit.

2D grinned a bit and laughed slightly."Jus' keepin' ya from these 'olly wood dirt bags is all."The driver shifted nervously in his seat and continued driving.


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