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Noodle lightly took 2D's hand in hers, and they both walked out onto the beautiful beach. There had been a big boom in antipollution, so even cities' beaches had clean, crisp, and salty air, and divine white sand.

" Noodle embraced him and he smiled down at her."Oy luv, you sure look nice." 2D kissed her lightly on the cheek. The pungent stench of car exhaust wafted through the air as a car drove by with its tailpipe spitting the thick clouds of it out. Sure there was the pollution of cars and all, but that's the price to pay for such a wondrous place."Uhhh Noodle luv, 'ow do y' get a cab around 'ere?

Bright city lights and loud city sounds were everywhere. " 2D asked, raising his voice slightly to be heard over the loud car horns."It's easy 2D-san.

" the driver questioned coolly, leaning on the cab door.2D stepped up beside Noodle and scowled at the cabdriver, shooting him a glance that told him to back off.

The driver immediately realized the mistake he had made and gulped."Yes. 2D opened the taxi's door for Noodle and she took her seat as 2D sat down beside her, still glaring at the driver."Right…. Just sit back." The driver started up the taxi and Noodle leaned onto 2D's shoulder."I can't wait 2D. You and me on a nice date at the beach." Noodle kissed 2D lightly and he placed one arm around her.

It was decided that that was the song that they were going to do. Noodle coughed several times, and closed her eyes tightly."Excuse me. Tell me when we can leave." Noodle walked out of the practice room and closed the door softly behind her. As the trail of grey along the cig got longer, the cigarette itself got shorter.2D handed Murdoc his only half-smoked cig and the Satanist looked up at him awkwardly. Murdoc shrugged his shoulders and took the cigarette, placing it between his lips and beside the one he had been smoking.2D went in the direction that Noodle had gone, also closing the door behind him.

She was the only thing standing in the way of Murdoc."Noodle, for tha love of Satan! An older hit of there's called 'Feel Good Inc.' that had reopened their fame about five years go. Murdoc had also taken out a cig and was sitting down on a chair and taking long drags from it. Occasionally he would shift it with his tongue, and the grey ashes would often fall to the ground and be carelessly left there."Thank you." Noodle got into the elevator carefully, panting slightly from the long run down the hall. " She questioned, leaning against the wall of the elevator and sighing exhaustedly."Yep. Then the man walked away, down the corridor on the other side of the lobby. But I guess that's why jackets were made." Noodle laughed lightly and 2D smiled."So…that's a yes for the beach? Outside cars zoomed down the bustled city street this way and that.Noodle saw 2D waiting by the exit of the hotel."2D-san! I was thinking that we could go to tha beach today…It's really close to here.""That would be great! People hurried to get to their hotel rooms or the few houses. Everyone was in their own rooms but since Murdoc's was across from Russel's, he could hear the drummer's booming snoring, well…loudest. The Satanist had had to rip his pillow open and shove the stuffing in his ears to sleep that night. Cigarette butts were in the clear, glass ashtray and the sent of alcohol was obvious throughout the room. I don't think you're any different in his eyes…"Noodle embraced Murdoc and cried into him. The microphone fell to the ground with a thud and 2D was shocked at first, but soon closed his eyes and became lost in the long kiss. He couldn't help but to feel guilt for what he did the night before…and she trusted that he hadn't done anything. Finally the kiss ended and Noodle and 2D stared into each other's eyes. She picked up her guitar and Murdoc picked up his bass. I needed some fresh air, and I didn't know if the cigarettes would affect the baby." Noodle smiled lightly and 2D nodded slowly."right…" He also smiled faintly. Well, now it is time for the chap that has its length because of paragraphing faults! The only one who slept really was Russel, and that was because he was so used to the loud city sounds. He grabbed the doorknob and was surprised when the door opened. No sign of 2D anywhere."Murdoc-san, is he in there? And his painkillers' container was opened and tipped over. H-he wouldn't do this to me…" Noodle placed her hand on her stomach and her tears streamed down her face."Lov, he's done this before…. I went ta get breakfast, then I come back and you're all in m' room saying I did somefin." 2D scratched his head and looked at Murdoc confusedly."Were you with Paula last night? "Tell tha truth or I'll punch that pretty face of yours in! So they were heading to the practice studio now to get ready."Noodle luv, would ya hand me my mike please? As they both had their hands on the microphone, she looked him straight in the eyes and everything seemed to freeze.'Noodle suddenly wrapped her arms around 2D, pulled him to her, and kissed him intensely. Noodle looked up at him and Russel and Murdoc just watched from a distance. 2D felt horrible guilt weighing down on his conscience."I-It's alright luv…" He forced a smile and wiped away her tear."I know that…if you did do anything….you'd tell me."2D nodded slowly and picked up his microphone."Well, let's practice then." He smiled nervously and Noodle nodded. " 2D questioned, kissing her also on the cheek."You and Murdoc-san were both smoking. I'm going to go get something to eat…" Noodle walked out of the room and down the hall. Besides, we have practice." Russel walked out of 2D's room and Murdoc shot 2D one last glare before following. It was true…night he had done something that he already regretted.

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