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I’m looking forward to seeing how this pair would interact.

As for the other guests, I have no idea who they are aside for Kristy Chung.

I remember seeing Kristy in a cantonese movie when I was young and adored her so much because she was such a goddess.

I am actually surprised that all the pairs on the show ended up with the female being older than their male counterpart.

Although the show says that they hoped the members would end up dating in real life, I highly doubt that would happen.

For one, it would be difficult for Lee Kwang Soo to overcome his language barrier with Lynn Hong on top of the long distance relationship.

In last season’s show, Sunny Wang and Zhang Li did indeed become a real couple off-screen however, they ended up breaking up later on.

As of right now, my most favorite couple would be the Lee Kwang Soo and Lynn Hong pair.

Unlike the materialistic fashionista that she portrayed in a drama, she is very much a sweet girl.Lee Kwang Soo made headlines back in April when he was seen filming a reality dating show called “Perhaps Love” aka “If You Love”.At that time, the chinese remake of We Got Married was about to air so there were lots of confusion and erroneous reports saying that Kwangsoo was appearing on that show.Unlike other females who appear on the show and go all out pulling other girl’s hair, she was more reserved and was overall a polite lady.Since it’s so difficult to find someone with a height that can match Kwangsoo’s I think they match very perfectly.Both standing at towering heights attract attention no matter where they go.

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