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I’m looking forward to seeing how this pair would interact.

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This marks Lee Kwang Soo’s first time in a chinese show.

Asia’s sexy goddess Christy Chung is paired with hottie Golden (張倫碩) forming the pair with the hugest age gap of 12 years.

I remember seeing Kristy in a cantonese movie when I was young and adored her so much because she was such a goddess.

Although she gained some weight compared to her twenties, she is still a goddess and maintained her image as a sex symbol in the entertainment business.

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For most of us, just the thought of Valentine’s Day approaching can send off stress alarms.

We get it – dates around Valentine’s Day aren’t easy to navigate, especially if you’ve only been seeing someone for a short time or you’re getting ready to go on the first date.

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I was watching “Hurry up, Brother”, the chinese remake of the popular korean variety show “Running Man”, where Lynn guest starred in an episode, I was surprised to find that she was meek and not diva-like.

Her laughter and behavior on the show made me feel that she was just like other young twenties just starting off in the entertainment business.

As of right now, my most favorite couple would be the Lee Kwang Soo and Lynn Hong pair.

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