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As a single guy who doesn’t always have a woman around for sexy time, this is a great way to fill the void.Physically it feels good because orgasms are, well…AWESOME!

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You might be asking yourself: “So what’s awesome about it, Dave? ” Well, I received an email from a reader recently who answers this question better than I could have. If this doesn’t get you fired up to try it out, I don’t know what will.

I am a man, 67 years old, single (divorced), and I just want to thank you for your site/post since it just made it for me.

I have never been into anal sex, but about two months ago I stumbled into it googling for remedies for an enlarged prostate.

What I found was that prostate massage might be the answer to my benignly enlarged prostate. Just sitting in that chair, my pelvis rotating like hell, I experienced one orgasm after another.

Orgasms that come from prostate massage are even more intense.

There are tons of scientifically proven benefits of .

I have never experienced anything like it, it just went on and on, and a part of me just wouldn’t believe it – here I was just sitting in a chair without any form of outer stimuli, orgasming over and over again.

Now you know how to take masturbation and your sex life to the next level!

An erotic experience that’s enjoyable solo or with a partner? It’s the key for unlocking a new level of sexual gratification.

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