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Even the rants, re-statements of obvious positions, and questioning of my intelligence, ability and motives interest me.

But the majority of comments are both thoughtful and thought-provoking.

Turkish writers are still prosecuted for calling it "genocide".

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Luckily the last remaining Armenian village in Turkey does not rely on the mut berry for its living.

It's plucked from the hedgerow and offered to me by two village women.

" Why is modern-day democratic Turkey so sensitive about something that happened nearly 100 years ago in the dying days of the Ottoman Empire?

A BBC radio programme wants me to probe the delicate question of what the state's official attitude to the killings says about present-day Turkey.

The Armenian adoption program is open to families of Armenian heritage as well as other heritages.

Armenian families seeking to adopt Armenian children are given preference.

Nobody seriously disputes that many thousands of Armenians died in what is now eastern Turkey between 19.

Some Turkish historians say 200,000 died, some Armenian historians say it was two million.

If the government was pressed by its EU partners to officially label it "genocide" there might be an explosion of incandescent rage in certain papers.

But the key is "some quarters" and "certain papers".

Prospective parents must be at least 18 years older then the adopted child.


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